What is Minitab

Minitab is software using world for analysis this software full of statistical tools and techniques with proper graphical presentations and their analytical calculators.min this software help to rejole the chronic issues with best class statistical tools and techniques.

Top features of mini tab:

  • Easy to Access
  • Easy to Explore the data
  • Quick and easy data analysis
  • Easy to Share analysis results
  • Analytics Dashboards for data collected
  • Empower Data Stars in organization
  • Strengthen Analytics Culture in organization

11 step to conduct paired t test in Minitab

Paired t test and Minitab:

The paired sample t-test, it is also known as dependent sample t test because it is used to differentiate the means of two data set.

In paired t test data is measure is twice for paired observation. It help to comparison of any respective process with related to before and after the any changes.

Its use in six sigma to resolve chronic issues of organization

How to conduct Paired T test in Minitab:

A Process engineer want to analyse that weather a running process parameter having impact on the produced product dimensions.

20 parts dimension measured on current program and then process run on latest program. There is before and after data has been collected for verification of effect.

When we have before and after data and we have to compare these data we have t ouse Paired t Test for before and after scenario.

Let’s focus on article on 11 step to conduct paired t test in Minitab

Steps to run Paired t Test in Minitab

Step-1: first of all we have to Open Minitab software

11 step to conduct paired t test in Minitab

Step-2: after opening tapes software it’s time to Select the data collected.

Step-3: with the help of this now we have ton insert the data into Minitab software

Step-4: Click on Stat tab from menu

Step-5: Now click on Basic statics

Step-6: Select Paired t Test

Step-7: Click on drop down menu

Step-8: Select each sample in column

Step-9: Click on sample1 and select data

Click on sample2 and select data

Step-10:Now click on Ok and we will get result in session window.

Step-11: Now it’s time to read the result

Result Interpretation:

H0=0 it means

Based on null hypothesis result, mean difference of the running trails is 0.

Because the p-value is 0.0892, which is higher than the significance level of 0.05,

So based on result the engineer accept the null hypothesis and concludes that there is no difference between the product dimension and before and after parameter.

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