11 steps to create Dot plot in Minitab

What is Minitab

Minitab is software using world for analysis this software full of statistical tools and techniques with proper graphical presentations and their analytical calculators.min this software help to rejole the chronic issues with best class statistical tools and techniques.

Top features of mini tab:

  • Easy to Access
  • Easy to Explore the data
  • Quick and easy data analysis
  • Easy to Share analysis results
  • Analytics Dashboards for data collected
  • Empower Data Stars in organization
  • Strengthen Analytics Culture in organization

11 step to conduct plot dot plot in Minitab

Dot plot in Minitab:

The paired sample t-test, it is also known as dependent sample t test because it is used to differentiate the means of two data set.

Steps to run dot plot in Minitab

Step-1: Open Minitab software

Step-2: Select the data collected

Step-3: Insert the data into Minitab software

Step-4: Click on Graph tab from menu

Step-5: Now click on Graph

Step-6: Select Dot plot

Step-7: Pop up will be generate like this

Step-8: Select Simple type

Step-9: click on Ok

Step-9: New pop up will generate

Select graph variable for which Dot need to plot.

Click on Ok

Step-10: Now click on Ok and we will get result in session window.

Step-11: Now it’s time to read the result

Result Interpretation:

In this example we selected weight of 25 students and plot the Dot plot for data.





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