What is Minitab

Minitab is software using world for analysis this software full of statistical tools and techniques with proper graphical presentations and their analytical calculators.min this software help to rejole the chronic issues with best class statistical tools and techniques.12 steps to create scatter plot in Minitab

Top features of mini tab:

  • Easy to Access
  • Easy to Explore the data
  • Quick and easy data analysis
  • Easy to Share analysis results
  • Analytics Dashboards for data collected
  • Empower Data Stars in organization
  • Strengthen Analytics Culture in organization


12 steps to create scatter plot in Minitab

How to create scatter plot in Minitab:

A sports teacher want to check the relationship between weight and height of the group of students.

To run this experiment he collected data for 20 student wrt. Weight and height accordingly.

He knew that this experiment can run quickly with the help of Minitab scatter plot.

So he used Minitab to conduct this experiment.

He run scatter plot for data collected and got some results.

You also can use scatter plot to check relationship between data with following the steps easily.

So follow the below steps to create run plot

Steps to run scatter plot in Minitab

Step-1: First of all go on your computer desktop and Open Minitab software


Step-2: Now check the place where you have stored the collected data after that Select the data collected

Step-3: To create scatter plot we have to insert the data into Minitab software. Now Insert the data into Minitab software.

12 steps to create scatter plot in Minitab

Step-4: After step 3 now its time to Click on Stat tab from menu

Step-5: From start menu Now choose and click on Graph tab

Step-6: From the graph tab now Select Scatter plot which we are going to create

Step-7: When we will click on graph a new pop up will be generate like this.

Step-8: From the pop up select the type which we wnat to plot.In this we will use Single one type so we have to click on single type.

Step-9: After selection of type of scatter plot now press on ok to proceed.

Step-9: Like last step In this step a new pop up will generate from which we have to select some information

Click on Y and select data

Click on X and select data

Click on Ok

Step-10: Now click on Ok and we will get result in session window. The results will be in the form of graph which is called scatter plot. 12 steps to create scatter plot in Minitab

Step-11: Now it’s time to read the result. To interpret the graph which we created with our collected data.

Result Interpretation:

In this example we selected weight and height of 20 students and plot the scatter plot for data.

In this data X – weight and Y = Height of student.

If we look at graph it is showing relationship between weight and height of student, as the height increases the weight is also increase.

So can use this chat to check the relationship between the data collected by you for any project specific. Why following this 12 P6 steps to plot skater of your data you can reach only judgement that there is relationships present in your data or not.

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