Hi, Welcome to all of you On your blog site. Today we will know about 16 highlights of IATF value add brochure over genric standard .In this session we will cover brief description about the requirement of So that a basic platform can be set to access next step. So requesting to you if you want to learn about this so please read this article carefully from beginning to end and I am confident that your attention during reading surely enhance your skill about And as we know we all carried out these things in routine basis. It means your knowledge will enhance and your competency will upgrade.

16 highlights of IATF value add brochure over genric standard

IATF stands for International automotive task force.

It is standard which is prepared for providing the guidance for effectively implementation of the requirement to achive customer satisfaction.

It is focus on continuously improvement in quality management system and its processes.

It basically works for automotive sector.

It is a well defined standard which describe the set of requirement to continually improvement in quality management system and its processes.

What is ts16949 certification now IATF? Introduction: IATF stands for international automotive task force it means it is applicable standard for automotive industry ,it is developed by world top OEM and published by ISO (International organization for standardization)

This standard is focus on the requirement which hare defined by top OEM for their supplier so that issues in supply chain can be reduces.

It develop a standard guidelines by implementing those a common platform can be set to fulfil the automotive customer requirement without any failure .The goal of IATF is to develop a system which is focus on for continual improvement ,defect prevention and reduction of waste in supply chain

Applicability: As the name describe itself automotive, It is applicable for automotive industry only.

Standard structure: This IATF standard having 10 clauses which are mention below;

Clause -1 Scope

Clause -2 Normative References

Clause Terms and Definitions

Clause 4: Context of the Organization

Clause 5: Leadership

Clause 6: Planning

Clause 7: Support

Clause 8: Operation

Clause 9: Performance Evaluation

Clause 10: Improvement

But over above mentioned things, IATF is unique over generic standard. IATF having requirements over other generic standard which are focusing on Automotive industries.

These requirements considered based on the severity of automotive industries.

Because of the requirements IATF having much more value added things over other genre standards.

That’s why it is best in class industry standard. Organisation implement IATF is built customer satisfaction as compared to other genric standard.

So now we are going to discuss about these key things which add value in IATF over other generic standard.

Product Safety – By considering the criticalities of automotive product & regulatory and industry-driven safety requirements one another requirement added in the standard which celebrate the requirement of product safety and make the product safer as compared earlier.

Customer Specific Requirements (CSR) – This is additional requirement in IATF which help to enhance customer satisfaction by complying the CSR with the standard requirement. It looks like combo package of requirement.

Risk Analysis – Conduct risk analysis prior to start any process or activities make the process easy and operate at reduced level of variation. The thing added in the standard is Risk analysis. The tool such as FMEA can be used for it.

Plant, Facility, and Equipment Planning –Another thing to make IATF separate from other standard by focusing on Specific mandated methods for facilities and equipment planning.

Measurement Traceability – More focus on measurement traceability, including customer specific automotive requirements for optimizing measurement equipment, its usage with calibration acceptability.

Competence – It is necessary to set desired level of competency to perform a task is more elaborated by IATF standard in respect of automotive sector.

Control of Documented Information – IATF elaborate the requirement related to automotive industry requires maintain the document which is not a part of generic standards.

Organization Manufacturing Feasibility – Automotive industry is very complex and high volume production system so it is necessary to follow the capabilities validation which is not considered by the generic standard

Design and Development – Approach used in the automotive industry often varies in detail from OEM to OEM, but these requirements define the common elements that all automotive manufacturing companies must complete to achieve highest quality levels

Supplier Management – IATF elaborate the requirement related to control over supplier, which shows their focus on the supplier to strengthen the supply chain. Because supplier is the critical part of supply chain which can be a big issue if not managed effectively.

Production Control – Enhanced implementation of control in manufacturing process to produce the product with controlled variation by adherence of control plan and FMEA etc.

Product Approval – As per IATF product approval process is one key millstone in supply chain to achieve required quality of product consistently. So stringent product approval is required to follow named as PPAP.

Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis, and Evaluation – IATF focuses on the reduction of variation in processes so that is focuses on the use of statically tools & techniques in the process to that variation can detect easily and improve easily.

Internal Audit and Management Review –IATF elaborates the methodologies to conduct internal audit by use of various auditing techniques which is not mentioned in generic standard.

Corrective Action – Various method and tools suggests by the standard to analyse the problem and identify the corrective action and their implementation to avoid reoccurrence.

Continual Improvement – It enhance focus on improvement by considering the each opportunities identified the organization QMS.


Best about discussion discussion it is clear that my dear having much more requirement then others and extender which make it more important. Successful implementation of IATF have to be the confidence of customer about the system implemented in organisation.

Implementation of IATF is self certified itself that this organisation having a effective implementation of system over the other changing standards.

16 highlights of IATF value add brochure over genric standard

 16 highlights of IATF value add brochure over genric standard.

Source:IATF site


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