Quality function deployment & its phase


Quality function deployment (QFD) is defined as a structured approach capturing the voice of the customer and conversion into the customer requirement which can be measureable on product as well as in process. So that customer requirement can meet without any failure. Basically with the help of Quality function deployment (QFD) an organization is ensuring that the customer requirement has been understand and deployed at each step as per applicability so that it can meet effectively.

Fact summary:

Sometime people think that this is the it is related to Quality as the name reflect but in actual the name Quality function deployment does not means that the responsibility of quality function deployment does not means that the responsibility of quality. It is a big umbrella which is covering al the related process which hare involved in to produce required output as per customer it may be production, store, marketing, maintenance, purchase etc.

With the help of Quality function deployment we are focusing on the capturing the customer voice and convert it into technical specification of product and the process in which the product is going to manufacture.

Application of Quality Function deployment:

Generally each organization need to use the Quality function deployment for capturing customer voice but unfortunately they are not doing this. But if we talk about big organization such as Black & Decker, Chrysler, DEC, DuPont, Eaton, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson Controls and Kraft Foods etc. they are using this approach to make the things simpler.

Benefits of application of Quality Function deployment

Improvement in customer satisfaction

Reduction in product development cycle time

Reduction in ECN in product

Reduction in customer related issues such as warranty, defects etc.

Enhancement in cross function engagement

How to use QFD approach:

As we know Quality function deployment (QFD) is defined as a structured approach capturing the voice of the customer and conversion into the customer requirement which can be measureable on product as well as in process.

In this approach a matrix is used by organization which is look like a house. Why we call it house because it is look like a Hut with slanted roof on its top.

A House of quality is combination of below mentioned thins or we can call it requirement

What’s:  As the term describe it self What means what the customer wants, either in forma of product or characteristics which may be in variable form or attribute.

Next step is “HOW”

It means how we are going to meet the customer voice, to meet requirement all activities related to conversion of customer voice into product as well as process characteristics. It is collection of the planning and activities which are required to deploy for effective implementation of requirement so that customer requirement can meet easily without failure.

Next step is “find out the relation between “HOW” it may be positive and negative

When to use Quality Function Deployment:

These Houses of Quality are used in each of the four primary phases of QFD:

Planning phase:  It is the first phase in which planning is carried out by the organization with respect to customer. The information related to product captured from the customer and planning is carried out to convert this requirement into organization level technical information. So that it can deployed in related process of organization.

Phase -2:

Development phase: It’s the time to do the execution of defined things which has been planned during planning phase. It means in this phase the customer voice is convert into technical specification related to product. The voice is convert into characteristics, parameter which can be measure and control accordingly.

Phase -3:

Process planning:

In this phase process is identified based on the Customer voice so that required product can produce. The characteristics related to process are collected and control are defined which are required to produce product with good quality. Identification and classification of characteristics is carried out in this phase in lieu of their criticality.

Phase -3:

Shop floor control:

In this phase we have to ensure the deployment of all the identified requirement related to customer voices on shop floor documents such that work instruction, operational standard etc.

This is another very important and critical phase because if we are not able to deployed the requirement on shop floor than we can’t meet the customer requirement by producing the good quality product.

Importance of Quality function deployment:

It helps to convert customer VOC into customer want

It helps to understand the competitor capability

It help to identify the market opportunities

It help to make requirement easy to

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