Quality terms and definitions part 2

What is Accessory part :

It is defined as the additional components specified by customer which are mechanically or electrically connected to vehicle prior to deliver final customer (e.g., custom floor mats, truck bed liners, wheel covers, sound system enhancements, sunroofs, spoilers, super-chargers, etc.)These components may be part of sub assembly or final assembly. Assembly is related to joining of attachment to different component to make final component which h will be dispatch to customer after proper verification and testing etc.

What is advanced product quality planning (APQP) :

It is defined as the structured approach followed by automotive industries for development and implementation of product in supply chain. This approach support from planning to service and feedback related to product.APQP support to achieve customer satisfaction by following structured approach.

APQP provide a standard guideline which is required to adhered to meet the desired customer objectives . This covers design robustness, design testing and specification compliance, production process design, quality inspection standards, process capability, production capacity, product packaging, product testing and operator training plan, among other items.

To use APQP AIAG produced a manual with complete steps and techniques to run development activity smoothly.

What is aftermarket part replacement part(s)

It is defined as the procured or released by an OEM for service part applications, which may or may not be produced to original equipment specifications.

What is authorization :

It is defined as the documented permission, rights and responsibilities provided to people based on proper training and evaluation to perform specific task related to any specific process .It is a type of certification assign to a person to perform specific task in process , this is under control of organization.

What is challenge (master) part :

It is defined as the part with known specification, dimension, calibrated and traceable to standards, with respected to expected results (pass or fail) which is used for validation of functionality of an error-proofing device or check fixtures (e.g., go / no-gogauging)

What is control plan ?

It is defined as documented description of the existing systems and processes in organization which are required to control for achieve desired product and process specification.It is set of characteristics related to product and process which are necessary to control during production of product .

What is customer requirements ?

It is defined as all requirements specified by the customer (e.g.. technical, commercial, product and manufacturing process-related requirements applicable to a supplier to produce and deliver a good quality product.It is combination of general condition and customer-specific requirements, etc. applicable to product.

What is Customer-specific requirements (CSRs)?

It is defined as the requirement specified by the customer to their supplier which is necessary to follow during supply chain. It is necessary to adhere customer specific requirement to achieve customer satisfaction. It can also describe as the supplemental requirements linked to a specific clause(s) of this Automotive QMS as per customer Supplier quality manual.

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