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The terms used in industry worldwide as per glossary of ISO standard .


quality is defined as how we are going to meet the required standard Off customer with respect to any item or requirement. Him general term it is used in all over the world it’s the quality is defined as

Degree to which a set of inherent characteristics of an object fulfils requirements. Books half an object maybe attribute, variable etc.

Grade: it is defined as the level of any requirement which have been met. It is also referred as the category or rank given to different requirements for an object having the same functional use based on the evaluation that requirement wrt. Defined standard.

Capability: Capability is referred to the something which is capable to perform some operation. It shows the ability to perform specific task. It is also Ability of an object to achieve an output that will fulfil the requirements for that output by following the defined process.

Competence: it is defined as the ability of someone to perform the assigned task with utilization of his knowledge and experience. Generally, it is ability to achieve intended result by applied its knowledge.

Competence is also the Ability to apply knowledge and skills to achieve intended results.


it is defined as the set of interrelated processes or activities which are required to perform the specified output. It is also defined as Set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organization system.

Management system

Set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organization to establish policies and objectives, and

processes to achieve those objectives

Quality management system:

it is defined system in organization which is implemented in organization and followed by organization. The system is designed, and deployment based on internal ton standard related to industry specific. The quality management system shows the confident of organization to meet the customer requirement without failure.

Quality policy:

It is defined as the document published by the top management of an organization that establishes importance of quality , how we are going to deployed it and the step to achieve quality policy .It is the prime document from which the objectives of organization are driven , it shows the intentions and direction of an organization related to accomplishment of quality in organization .

Quality objectives: Quality objective are defined as the set of target which are derived from quality policies and required to deployed in all applicable process of organization . It is necessary to achieve the quality objectives to achieve the quality policy goal. This is top management driven approach.

In brief Something sought, or aimed for, related quality set by top management of organization and its is linked to quality policies

Management: It is defined as the people or group of people who follows the direction of top management , these are responsible to work towards achievement of objectives decided by top management.

Top management

Person or group of people who directs and controls an organization at the highest level. It is defined as the people or group of people who direct the decision related to organization, who is responsible for finalize the quality policy and direct and control the organization level activities.

Quality control: It is defined as the section of quality which is focused on day to day implementation of requirement to meet the customer requirement. Actually, it is the set of activities which are managed to achieve the customer requirement without any failure.

In brief it is defined as Part of quality management which is focused on fulfilling quality requirements of customer.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a broad process for preventing quality related failures. The QA team is involved in all stages of a product’s development: production, testing, packaging, and delivery. In contrast, quality control (QC) is a narrower process. QC focuses on detecting mistakes, errors, or missed …

Part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled

Quality improvement

It is defined as efforts people in organization to makes its process, product and services better, organization to makes its process, product and services better, it is systematic approach to eliminate rework, waste and losses in is defined as the part of quality management focused on increasing the ability to fulfil quality requirements wrt defined standard.

Continual improvement

It is defined as defined as a process of improving the existing standard of process product and services of organization with passage of time with the help of ongoing efforts. It is focusing on identification of opportunities for improvement and make change accordingly is defined as the recurring activity which helps to enhance performance of process, product and service.

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