Hello everyone hope you all fine today we comes with new topic which is related to one of the key requirement of automotive sector called as PPAP.

Whenever PPAP  is being submitted the customer it having multiple number of the documents which are required to submit to customer to full fill the compliance of PPAP.

But usually when I was we are submitting PPAP document to customer we make some mistakes and today our topic is on the mistakes made by the people while submitting the PPAP to customer.

Okay so without wasting time that focus on the topic What are top mistakes in PPAP documents.

As as we know people having 18 elements so we will discuss the error/ mistakes one by one in each elements

PPAP 18 elements:

1. Design Documentation – It covers the technical drawings along with required document.

List of error in design documentation:

  • Linkage of drawing with PO
  • Wrong technical detail in drawing
  • Issuance of wrong design document

2. Engineering Change Notice – this document shows the current version of customer specificcation.

List 6 error in Engineering Change Notice:

  • Use of old revision documents
  • Incomplete implementation of change
  • Communication and awareness about change?

3. Customer approval – Here need to focus data related to customer approval if given by the customers.

List of error Customer approval process:

  • Initiate productions prior to approval
  • Circulation of un approved documents

4. Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) – It is set of failure modes identified by the designer related to product.

List of error Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA):

  • Wrong classification of material
  • Incomplete simulation of product
  • Coverage of all possible failure modes

5. Process Flow Diagram – This is set of process which are required to perform the operation to produce the part from start to end.

List of error Process Flow Diagram:

  • Coverage of all applicable process
  • In appropriate sequence of processes
  • Compliance of process as per PFD

6. Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) – It is set of identified potential failure modes related to product .

List of error Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA):

  • Coverage of all potential failure modes
  • Identification of cause and control in PFMEA
  • Linkage with control plan
  • Identification of special characteristics in process
  • Wrong rating selection for severity, occurrence and detection
  • In appropriate action for recommended action


7. The Control Plan – It is the document which having set of control mentioned in the PFMEA.

List of error in control plan

  • Selection of product and process characteristics
  • Linkage with PFMEA and PFD
  • Identification of control derived from PFMEA
  • In adequate detail about product and customer etc.
  • Wrong identification of frequency, method of inspection

8. Measurement System Analysis – It is the assessment of measurement system which is used to measure the part.

List of error in Measurement System Analysis

  • Wrong type of MSA selection
  • Coverage of instrument mentioned in control plan
  • Compliance of MSA criteria

9. Dimensional Layout Results – It is complete dimension report created based on the drawing shared by customer .

List of error in Dimensional Layout Results

  • Passing of NG specification
  • Coverage of specification as per drawing
  • Sampling size for inspection
  • Judgment on inspected data

10. Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R) – It is a pla of testing related to product from starting phase of development.

List of error Design Verification Plan and Report

  • Coverage of all relevant test
  • Wrong frequency identification
  • Wrong interpretation of test result

11. Statistical Process Control – It is the document which shows that process is in control or not based on presence of causes.

List of error Statistical Process Control

  • Appropriate use of control chart
  • Sampling frequency of data collection
  • Criteria adherence for compliance
  • Identification of special/ common cause present in process

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