What is embedded software? How important it is
What is embedded software? How important it is

What is embedded software? How important it is.

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Table of content:

  • What is embedded software? How important it is.
  • Definition of product.
  • Steps for development of embedded software
  • IATF requirement related to Embedded software
  • Benefits of Embedded Systems.
  • How embedded software work.
  • Examples of embedded software application:
  • What is Embedded System?
  • Characteristics and Features of Embedded Systems
  • Disadvantages of Embedded System


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What is embedded software? How important it is.

Embedded software defined as a computer software which is design to control machines / devices which are required to perform any operation. This software is design to operate any specific hardware as per program data.


The is called embedded software because it is not directly contact with user so people are commonly known about software as well as hardware.

Definition of product:

Basically A product is the item which is offered for sale to someone. It can be a service or an item which is being provided to someone. Every product is made at a minimum cost and each is sold at a reasonable price. The price range of product can be vary based on demand in market, quality of product and other factors.


Steps for development of embedded software: We will not discuss development process of embedded software in detail. Below are the key steps which are associated with development of embedded software.

  • Hardware platform selection
  • Operating system selection
  • Application software creation process
  • A process for quality assurance for products with internally developed embedded software is required


IATF requirement related to Embedded software:

As we know Embedded software requirement is newly added in IATF standard because it play very important role in automotive sectors .In today world is change faster than ever, every day new technologies are being invented to make the thing quicker and easier. Hardware are being operated and controlled with the help of software for more accuracy and achieve high result of performance.


Use of software in automotive is much more increase because of technology development to control the issues related to software failure or degradation of performance against the specification.

Below are the key requirement in respect of embedded software as per identified by IATF which is mandatory to comply by organization who is sole responsible for developing an product which his being operated or controlled by software.

  • Define and comply process requirement identified for assurance of product quality related to embed software.
  • Utilization of methodology for assessment and development of embedded software product.
  • Use of risk based prioritization and potential impact to customer during software development process
  • Retain documented information of a software development capability self-assessment.
  • Shall include software development within the scope of their internal audit programme.


Benefits of Embedded Systems:

below are the few benefits of embedded system

  • Embedded system are design specific to task.
  • They can function under variety of environment and conduction as per design.
  • Error chances are very less
  • Very cost effective
  • Best quality of design


How embedded software work:

Embedded software can perform its function properly when it having all the required items like software, hardware, drivers, devices, connectivity, communication system etc. which are required to perform its function.


Examples of embedded software application:

Below are few example for embedded software used in today world:

  • Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) used in automobiles
  • In medical industry use of Image processing systems
  • Motion detection systems in security cameras use in multiple area
  • Traffic control systems found in traffic lights
  • Timing and automation systems found in smart home devices
  • Common examples of automotive software application-based features include:


What is Embedded System?

It is defined as an integrated system, Integrated system because it having both hardware and software & a dedicated computer system with the help of which it can operate to perform a specific task.


Characteristics and Features of Embedded Systems

  • Embedded systems are task specific which is preprogramed for their life span
  • Designing of these system are highly reliable and stable because they have to perform specific task with consistency over their life span
  • These systems are highly efficient.


Disadvantages of Embedded System:

  • As we read above these are task specific so required to design for each task.
  • These system cannot change or alter after designed once.
  • These systems can’t. Improve or upgrade
  • Difficult to maintain an embedded system.
  • Troubleshooting is difficult for embedded systems.


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What is embedded software? How important it is.

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