What is 5s? Its relationship with lean six sigma improvement

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5S is Japanese terminology. It’s a systematic visualization approach with the help of which hand shop floor can be arranged in a well manner to get higher performance. 5S is also a continual improvement tool. Which is started by Japanese to keep shop floor clean and maintain it as a standard. Win 5S there are 5 nos. of S letter which having their own meaning What is 5s? Its relationship with lean six sigma there are 5 nos. of S letter which having their own meaning and own requirement. Basically it’s a systematic approach with the help of which the efficiency can be maximized and the wastage can be reduces. So that in today world each organization is following this methodology to maintain a high shop floor standard and achieve high efficiency with reduction of wastage which causes due to non-uniform activity carried out at shop floor.


In this process all thing /items are initially short out as per their requirement,, later arrangement of those required items in an order to easy access after arrange in order now it’s time to shine the that particular area by proper cleaning etc. in next step these 3 steps are standardize and after make these standardize after that in next and final step of 5S these thing are added into the blood of employee by practicing to sustain this practice in daily basis.


If we understand in simple words 5S is nothing it’s just a systematic approach to maintain and sustain the best work place in achieve best result .It is not limited to industry only it is applicable to any place even at home ,any small shop etc.


Let’s take a simple example of a medical store.

Step -1 Shorting: Store person keep only required medicine in racks.

Step-2 Set in order: After shorting the medicine he arranged the medicine in different rack

Step-3 Shine: after arranging it’s time to clean and shine the racks for better visualising.

Step-4 Standardize: Now it’s time to put proper identification on designated rack in respect of stored medicine on rack.

Step-5 Sustain: After carried out all above activities now it’s time to train the person to follow the standard on routine basis to maintain defined standard

What is 5s? Its relationship with lean six sigma

What is 5s? Its relationship with lean six sigma in japanese & English :

In Japanese terms it is written as Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke. As per indicant industry understanding it is converted into English and in English it is written as: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

Brief description about 5S: As we discuss above about 5S is a combination of 5 “S” letter which have their own different meaning in their respect. Below we will discuss these S in brief detail one by one for understanding of requirement which his carried out in today in each organization to achieve maximum efficiency and with reduction of wastage. It is also a type of non statistical tool of lean sigma.


Sort: As name suggest sort it means sorting or segregation of material based on required or not required for use. In this practice one of the simple activity is carried out that the material is segregated based on its uses on station or not, only required material is placed near station and not required material lis moved to another location for latter discussion. Only important material are kept on station except all moved from there.

Set in Order :After sorting the material based on required for use its time to arrange that essential material in designated place in proper manner so that at the time of se it can easily access without wastage of time and also need to consider the arrangement by ergonomics requirement of safe working area.

Shine : After arrangement in a systematic order it’s time to keep workplace or that area clean and orderly to ensure that it can meet the work purpose .In this step cleaning and maintenance of the area in well manner for maintain a safe and dust free work place. This activity can be perform through proper cleaning and timely maintenance of area which need to focus in routine task.

Standardize: In this step all the activity carried out in last step are noted down and a rule or standard is need to create so that everyoneF should aware about the rule and follow this one. In this rule you can mention the key steps to adhere the system which is carried out to maintain a well-organized shop floor. We can say that it’s an administrative job in which rule are created and later on these rules are followed by others to maintain standard and achieve high performance.

Sustain: In this step we have to regular review and monitor the adherence of defined rule for its effective implementation and get required output. Review and monitoring on routine basis makes the system live and create a sensitivity tin employees toward the defined standard.SO that they start following holistically and give their max. Output.

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