What is accuracy? Its effective use

Accuracy is an example of location error because this is showing relation of output with actual value in sense of closer or far.

Case 1: if output is hugging the actual value (close location) and

Case 2 if output is far from the actual value (distance location).

As the name shows accurate ,it means the in this condition the result will be achieve very close to actual value or the target value. Accuracy of any activity or output will confirm the acceptance of result.

It shows that the value observed during any measurement is very close to the actual value.

For example:

-A bowler bowl the ball at a speed of 110km which passed very close(mm) to the wickets. We can call it “Closeness” to the actual value, or to an accepted reference value.

-In similar way a component give a reading on recording 10.02 against specification of 10±0.05 the observed reading is very close to target its another example of accuracy.

In daily life if you will start note down you will found many many example related to accuracy.

Finally accuracy is the state in which output is very close to actual value.

What is accuracy? Its effective use


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