Hi, Welcome to all of you once again On your blog site. Today we will know about What is CAPA? Its importance in this session we will cover brief description about the requirement of What is CAPA? Its importance  so that a basic platform can be set to access next step. So requesting to you if you want to learn about this so please read this article carefully from beginning to end and I am confident that your attention during reading surely enhance your skill about Corrective action and preventive action Analysis and as we know we all carried out these things in routine basis. It means your knowledge will enhance and your competency will upgrade .


In this blog we will cover the below content:


  • Introduction to Corrective Action (CA) .
  • Introduction to preventive action:
  • What is a Preventive action.
  • Why it is required to use CAPA .
  • How to implement Corrective action
  • Structure of turtle diagram.
  • Benefits of turtle diagram.

IATF requirements for maintenance dept in an automotive plant


Introduction to preventive action:

Preventive action is defined as the action taken which has been to eliminate the causes of potential non-conformities so that their occurrence can be prevented.

A Process shall establish which is required to reduce the impact of negative effects of risk which must cover following:

So we can say its very necessary to follow requirement for effective implementation of standard .

As per above discussion it is clearly visible that its another key requirement of standard.


Introduction to Corrective Action (CA) .

it is the action which is come into existence when there is any problem is occurs, it is taken to rectify or correct any task, or problem. As we know when there is any problem occur, than analysis is carried out to find out the root causes .and after that based on identify root cause some action are decided to correct the problem these kind of action called corrective action.


What is Preventive action:

It is the action which his decided or taken by any organization to avoid the reoccurrence of that problem, it means the main aim of this such type of action is to avoid reoccurrence or repetition of same problem in same function or process also in other functions or process.


Based on above described statements we can understand both action are work in their own direction but if we look carefully we will find that these are linked in sense of problem occurrence one is taken to correct it and second is taken to avoid repetition of that .It these are linked with each other .if we have taken only one than it will not be effective, we have to carried out both action with respect to problems to make our action effective and to enhance our process performance.

Let’s take an easy example to understand these both:

Example :

Servicing of Bike is a preventive action or corrective action?

Servicing of bike is a preventive action in case if we are carried out it on specified time duration but because it’s a check-up of bike so that breakdown can be avoided during bike riding.

But we we are not carried out bike servicing on defined frequency and this is carried out in case of breakdown in bike during usages it will be considered as corrective action because we did it for make correction in breakdown of bike so that it can be ride easily.

Similar example of machines and utilities used in any organization etc.


Why it is required to use CAPA :

As we discussed to correct any issue and to avoid reoccur acne of that particular issue we have to carried out both of these actions.

  • Here are the key things based on which it is required:
  • To identify potential issue
  • TO overcome the impact of any failure
  • To avoid re occur acne of any issue

How to implement Corrective action:

Here are the key steps which hare required to carry out prior to implement corrective action effectively are mentioned below:


Understanding of problem: in this section the concern team have to collect data so that they can understand the actual problem based on data collected .its the first step because if problem is understand properly it can be solved easily.

Find out actual root cause: based on data collected and conduct problem location visit physically to verify the actual scenario of current situation of running process and identify the situation which can leads to such type of problem and note it down for analysis . Conduct why why analysis with the help of team so that actual root cause can be identify.

  • Check the cause & effect relation for root cause identified: verification of identify ed root cause in respect of cause and
  • Search appropriate action in respect of root cause
  • Linkage of action in respect of root cause
  • Implementation of action as identified
  • Monitoring of effectiveness of action implementation
  • Horizontal deployment of action in other processes



IATF requirements for maintenance dept in an automotive plant :


As we discussed IATF 16949 is an international automotive standard which is defined the requirement which are required to set up an well defined system by any organization. In IATF standard one specific clause is mentioned for the requirement followed by maintenance process of any organization. the clause number is, this clause is totally focus on the requirement for maintenance process in an organization. Here are the few key requirement of maintenance process in any organization are as mentioned below:


Question-As per Iatf standard after unplanned shutdown what needs to be check.


Answer-if we auditor going to check the clause requirement related to un planned shutdown than he /she have to check the requirement related to clause number . in which it is clearly mention what an organization have to do for comply the clause requirement .like verification of all 4M related items which can impact on the product quality. These check point vary organization to organization but All element related to 4M must cover in it

Its very simple to create preventive schedule, just consider machine list and mark as plan in front of machine with date

Summary : As per above description its clear that corrective action and preventive action both are very important to run any process or system smoothly .only one of them is not so much effective that’s why we have to consider both action in case of any issue raised or faced but as an management the prime focus must be on preventive action so that we can detect the potential failure and avoid it to convert it into major failure .so that we have to strengthen our preventive action system.

Thanks for your patience and concentration during reading the topic on What is CAPA? Its importance , Hope you like this topic and the explanation of topic ,wish it will add up values in your competency and enhance your confidence to impart this practice in your professional carrier. We will meet soon with another topic for enhance basic skill which is required to fulfil the professional requirement. In case of any query or suggestion you can write us in comment box .



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