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  1. What is Competence? Top 7 requirements as per IATF
  2. Definition of Competence as per IATF
  3. Intent of added this definition;
  4. ISO 9001 standard requirement related to competence:
  5. IATF 16949 standard requirement related to competence:
  6. Standard operating procedure required for compliance of IATF 16949
  7. Records required to maintain for competence requirement:

What is require to meet international standard requirement?

There is no hard and fast rule to meet standard requirement. The standard is just want to focus on that if something is assign to someone. Than he/ she must capable to perform that task.

As usual in industry people are recruited with defined standard criteria for the task which will be assign to them. If someone is meeting that criteria, only he will be selected for that space.

In similar way standard is demand for defining the criteria to perform a specific task in the organization so that the output can produce effectively and failure can be avoided in phase.

Let’s understand this with simple example:

If one person is going to work on a machine, primarily operator have to aware about the the things which are required to perform work on machine. Person must qualify the basic criteria /test which his required to check the level of competency of person that he is able capable to perfume the task on machine.

Prior to evaluate the person training need to provide to him to understand the machine methodology.

Based on this training evaluation need to perform and the capability will be decided based on the score achieved.

What is Competence?

Competence is defined as the set of skill & personnel characteristics which can demonstrate easily in presence of someone and based on demonstration we can improve these skill & personnel characteristics so the efficiency or performance of function or system can be increase.

Competence shows that you have the ability to do something in well manner. It also tell that you are capable to performing a task or job effectively that is assign to you

It include the knowledge and skills needed which is required to a problem or task which his assign to someone

Definition of Competence as per IATF

As we know IATF 16949 is an international standard for automotive industry which tells about the requirement for implementing a well-defined system to fulfil the requirement of an automotive customer .So IATF specifically mention the requirement for competence and the definition of Competence which is mention in IATF 16949 standard.

Definition of competence as it is mentioned in IATF standard is mention below:

It is the ability of someone to apply knowledge and skills to achieve intended results.

The standard is focus that everyone, not only the top management , become familiar with the QMS requirement such that guideline, policies, goals, targets, objectives and the way to achieve them.

Standard want that everyone who is part of organization and giving their contribution towards QMS must aware about the things and also know about the impact if they are not performing their task holistically.

Intent of added this definition;

As we can understand clearly competence is the ability to apply knowledge and skill to achieve set targets.

It means as per IATF standard we can call a person competent only and only when he can demonstrate his/her skill for achieve result.

If he/she can’t able to demonstrate his/ her skill we can’t say that he is competent.

So the standard mention clearly that it doesn’t matter that if someone having huge experience, high qualification etc.

He can call competent only if he can demonstrate his skill.

By describe this clearly standard clear the confusion about skilled person and competent person.

To enhance more focus on Competence IATF 16949 specify the requirement by virtue of which an organization can successfully implement & comply the requirement of Competence.

IATF 16949 mention specific clause no. 7.2 for competence.

Here we will discuss about both ISO 9001 & IATF 16949 standard requirement.

ISO 9001 standard requirement related to competence:

The requirement are mentioned below, these requirement are in respect of organization so that it is the sole responsibility of organization who is going to claim for certification of ISO 9001.

Determination of necessary requirement of person doing work under control of organization and that can affect the performance and effectiveness of quality management system.

  • Organization have to ensure that the persons are competent basis on education, training or experience.
  • Organization have to take action to acquire necessary competence.
  • Conduct Evaluation for effectiveness of action taken
  • Retain the appropriate document as evidence of competence.

IATF 16949 standard requirement related to competence:

In IATF 16949 standard IATF uses one word which is “Shall” it means mandatory, these requirement organization have to ensure otherwise it will leads to non-conformity in audit.

Here are the below requirement for competence as per IATF 16949

  • Organization have to establish and maintain a document process for:
  • Training need identification including awareness.
  • Activity for achieving the competence of all performing activities which can affect the product & process requirement.
  • Process for qualification of personnel who performing specific task for achieving customer satisfaction.

Standard operating procedure required for compliance of IATF 16949:

Procedure for competency & training and development

Standard for TNI & its implementation

Records required to maintain for competence requirement:

  • Records of Training need identification
  • Training plan v/s actual
  • Training attendance records
  • Training feedback & Long term effectiveness records
  • Skill matrix / competency matrix
  • Any IATF certificate having validity of three year for any organisation.

How to achieve the requirement of Competence:

When we talk about QMS certification, it means it is necessary to achieve as desired level of competence for meet the standard requirement.

The requirement of competence can be meet by following the set of activities.

  • Periodic communication to employee by any media
  • Conduct regular updated meeting on shop floor
  • Start quiz to enhance knowledge
  • Identify the key training and execute training for all concerned
  • Evaluate the employee based on trainings
  • Maintain the records of all events performed

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What is Competence? Top 7 requirements as per IATF

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