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In this article you will be able to know about :


  • Introduction to context of organization.
  • Context of the Organization.
  • Why it comes into existence.
  • Requirement of IATF 16949 standard.
  • How to implement it.
  • Things need to keep in mind during implementation.
  • Tool & Technique used for Context of organization.


What is Context of Organization? How to create it effectively :

It is the new requirement of international standard which his focusing on strengthening the organization context by considering the issues related to internal l& external interested parties’ .This is requirement introduced in new version of standard .in which there are 10 clauses in place of 8 clauses. The reason behind this revision is the advancement of technology day to day basis and the issues facing by industries in this competitive world .So it was necessary to identify some requirement which causes the issues faced by majorly industries can be overcome or eliminate. That why these new requirement in sense of context of organization, risk and opportunity register, risk based thinking, testing of contingency planning etc. comes into existence. In this article we will discuss it step by step.


Context of the Organization?

As we know the ISO revise the complete structure of international standard, in which they introduce some new items or we can say requirement which were not existing earlier. So this change was not obvious but there was much more study behind this based on that study some control identified and to ensure implementation of these control new requirement added into standard so that the issues faced causes in absence of these requirement can be overcome or eliminate. In these all new requirement one of the requirement is Context of organization which we are going to discuss here step by step. This requirement describe the an organization which is a part of supply chain need to defined their context in respect of internal and external issues with respect to internal and external interested parties. So that a time action can be plan and execute to minimize the loss causes the issues identified. Means the organization need to develop a strategy so identify these issues and create a procedure to handle these.

Combination of internal and external issues that can have effect on organization’s approach to developing and achieving its objectives.

We can understand it by simple means “the process of understanding and identification of situation which can leads to failure of any event if it’s not considered in lieu of our objective” .

As we discussed IATF 16949 is the standard for Automotive industry. so this total explanation primarily focuses on the automotive customer requirements.


Why it comes into existence:

As we discussed prior to introduce these requirement international organization collected some data in respect of issues faced by organization .for example sudden shut down of any organization causes any political, social or economic issues.

Sudden line stopage of customer causes major failure at supplier in respect of manpower strike, flood, earthquake or any other major disaster.

So to overcome such issue this new requirement come into existence so that these issues need to identified by organization prior to take approval from customer so that customer can assess risk and plan its facility according to it ,mean there is no surprise during mass production etc.


Requirement of IATF 16949 standard:

As the name suggest in this section an standard defined few mandatory activities for organization who is a part of supply chain :

  • Determination of issues related to External /Internal issues relevant to purpose and strategic direction which can affect organization ability to achieve QMS objectives.
  • Monitoring and review of info. related to issues.
  • Point need to consider during carried out above activities:
  • Issues can include positive and negative factors or conditions for consideration.
  • Activity can be facilitated by external by considering issues arising from technological, legal, market , competitive, cultural, social and economic environments, it may be national, regional or local or international,
  • internal context can be facilitated by considering issues related to values, culture, knowledge and performance of the organization.


How to implement it:

To implement this requirement organization need to first identify internal land external interested parties

After this organization need to identify the issue in respect of these parties


Things need to keep in mind during implementation :

  • Organization need to review this context of organization periodically with its top management with the help of interview, questionnaires etc.
  • Review with Cross functional for essential input for update context of organization.
  • Thing need to consider in broad way like finance, human resources product engineering and logistics etc.
  • Consideration of employee engagement from appropriate level.
  • Need to consider both impact either it may be positive or nnegative.


Tool & Technique used for Context of organization:

  • PESTLE analysis (Political ,Economic ,Social ,Technological, legal ,Environmental).
  • SWOT (Strength ,Weakness Opportunity, Threat).


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