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What is COVID-19? Its impact on automobile industry

Precaution for covid- 19 pandemic

What is automotive industry

Impact of lock down on automotive industry in 2020

How automotive sector handle lockdown new normal life Impact of lockdown in automotive industry in 2021

Benefits of lockdown

Disadvantages of lockdown

how we can avoid to impose lockdown again

final summary

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As we know the covid cases are increasing day by day in our country so everyone is thinking about lockdown will imposed or not like last year. it is a quiet concern of discussion because everybody is fear about lockdown because everybody know what was happened last year in March 20 government announce the lockdown which remains around 50 days after which there is new normal take place and people slowly- slowly get back to their normal life with precautionary measures of covid-19.Every area every field what effected from lockdown because everybody was stayed in their houses for long time. All the decision’s taken place by government was for saving the human life. Which finally shows that the effect of covid- 19 pandemic was at minimum level. Due to lockdown people move to there hometown’s because they were not sure when the situation come back to normal because no one face such pandemic over last 100 years which is spreading with high speed. Due to this fear of lockdown again peoples are thinking what will be happen because the cases are increasing day by day will go meant again announced low down or not. The decision of apply look down depends upon government. Today we will discuss about what will be happened if Lockdown begin again. we will know about the content which we are going to discuss in our two days topic.




What is COVID-19? Its impact on automobile industry

As we know covid-19 is virus which is spreading overall the world day by day from 2019 go till today. If we talk about overall status of infected people. 130million peoples have been infected from this virus and around 2.8 million people have been lost their lives from this virus. So according to statistics it’s really a bad virus so everybody had to take precautions to save himself from this virus. Due to this virus lockdown has been imposed worldwide which made a bad impact on economy worldwide.




Precautions for protect from covid- 19 virus.


Add we know worldwide governments has been released guideline to prevention from covid- 19. Everybody know covid-19 is sepreading by touching the infected places , people etc. Below all few common precautions which have been adapted worldwide to protect from covid- 19 infection.


Regular usage of face mask:


Each and every people have to use face mask on the regular basis so that he can protect himself from spreading of covid- 19 infection.


Maintain social distancing:


Each and every people have to follow the guideline relate to maintain social distancing so that physical contact with each other can be avoided which causes spread of covid-19 infection can be control.


Regularly sanitization of hand:


Each and everyone have to sanitise hands on regular basis so that infected virus can be kill and spread of covid-19 can be controlled.


What is Automotive industry & Impact of look down on automotive industry in 2020:


It is the industry which is manufacturing auto mobile. Auto mobile it’s related to motorcycle car etc. as we know demand of automotive is increasing day by day because the peoples are buying vehicle for transportation’s. Top automotive manufacturers in India are Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, hero Moto corp, Honda motorcycles and scooters, Honda cars etc. These are producing vehicles in the big volume to fulfil the need of market . So we can say that auto mobile sectors is producing a big revenue for Indian economy. As we know during lockdown there nifty fall from 12000 level to level of 7500 it means there huge drop in market and similar with BSE SENSEX fall from 30,000 level to 16,000 level so these figures show that it was really a critical period for economy but government prefer the human life instead of money which was a great decision make by government. After lock down a new normal life started all the markets started to come back to its original positions and they achieve this in short periods with strong force.Based on estimate that during the prolonged lockdown, the auto industry suffered huge losses of more than Rs 2,300 crore in turnover for every single day of closure.


How automotive sector handle lockdown new normal life :


When the industries start their operation again it was a challenge to the industries that’s how to run their industries effectively in the fear of infection from covid-19 because every organisation having huge manpower which is work into the organisations so if anyone can be infected it will lead to a huge infection rates in organisations which can hamper productivity of organisations so the organisation taken some key steps to run their operation smoothly in new normal life.


Below are the key action taken by industries.


Safe transportation of employees from there respective areas to organisations.

Industries make guidelines for travelling in the company transportation’s by following the social distancing.

Sanitization process of employer and vehicles on entry gates

Fully compliance of guidelines released by governments . For covid- 19 outbreak control

Restructuring of process inside the organisation to fulfil the compliance of social distancing.

Impact of lockdown in automotive industry in 2021:


In similar way if lock down will impose again then it will surely affect the economy of country and this time the impact will be much more higher as compared to last one because right now the economy is growing and try to recover from the impact of last lockdown and if lockdown is imposed again then the efforts made by the country to recover from that losses will be go in vain it will impact highly economy. It will affect every and every sector of the industry because they made much more effort to come back on this stage from that lockdown imposed in march 20.




Benefits of lockdown:


As we know everything having is advantages and disadvantages so in similar way lockdown also having some benefits which are mentioned below.


It helps to control the spread of infection

By imposing lockdown life of peoples can save in large numbers

During this period government can increase the vaccination speed for protection from infection.

It will help to break the chain of infection.



Disadvantages of log down:


As we know like last time lockdown if lockdown again imposed then it will surely impact each area and the peoples . below are the key disadvantages off lockdown.


It will impact the economy of country

It can create unemployment

It can create this balance between Life

Due to lockdown every field affected like education, and industry etc.

people have to work from their home

Social gathering of peoples can be limited as per guideline

People have to live in fear of covid- 19 infection

Summary :

So as per discussion it is clear if lockdown will be imposed again then the automotive sector will be impacted very badly from this because it is in the phase of recovering from last lockdown so we have to follow the guidelines a released by the government with the help of which infection of covid- 19 virus can controls and the cases of COVID-19 can be reduced so if the case is will be less then the probability of lockdown will be zero and everything will be run smoothly no one have to live in the fear of infection but for this we each and everyone have to follow the guidelines we have to use mask, do sanitisation regularly and maintain social distancing. To control the spread of infection.

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What is COVID-19? Its impact on automobile industry .


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