What is customer communication? How effective it is

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What is customer communication? How effective

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  • What is customer communication? How effective it is?
  • Type of customer
  • What is Communication?
  • What is IATF 16949
  • Requirements related to customer communication
  • Importance of customer communication
  • How to improve customer communication:

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What is customer communication? How effective it is.

It is defined as a customer is an individual or group of person who are interested to buy product manufacture by someone.

Basically customer are the main component of supply chain who are using the product and making the supply chain complete. Because when customer is using the product based on usage he share his experience which may be in form of any issue or any good feedback, but both play very important role in supply chain. Let’s understand both one by one:

Issue reported by customer: It will describe the weakness of product which can be noted down and action plan can be prepared to improve this so that customer can satisfy and make him happy.

Good feedback shared by customer : It an wav feeling for customer because he get feedback that their customer are happy from their product and they are enjoying their feature provided by organization.so this will enhance confidence of organization about their capability and product.

Type of customer: As we know customer play very important role for growth of any business, higher customer satisfaction will leaders to high growth rate and poor customer satisfaction leads to shut down of business. So it is very important to understand the customer need and deliver the same product which can full fill customer desire to achieve high satisfaction.

Internal customer: It is defined as the customer which is present in organization itself. As the name describe itself internal customer means the customer which is present inside the organization.

In simple words we can say each process in organization are the customer of each other. The process who is providing some kind of output to other process is called supplier and who is taking this output is called as customer. So that we have to develop and maintain process interaction in such a manner like customer and supplier. If each process behave in this manner than he will take care the satisfaction of customer in their mind and they will deliver their product with best quality.

External customer: As the name shows external means the customer who is present outside the organization and using the product of any organization. These are basically consumer who are using product in their routing life to full fil routing need. Any organization is designing any product by considering the need of final consumer who is real user of product. The satisfaction of final consumer is play important role for success or organization. That’s why every organization want their end user will stay happy and use their product happily.

What is Communication?

Communication is the act of sharing information in between groups of peoples by using various modes of communication like advertisement, email, letter, news, voice recording etc.

Communication is the way of communicating information related ot product of any organization to the end user

What is IATF 16949?

The International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems. IATF 16949 was jointly developed by The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) members and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) .

Requirement related to customer communication: Based on the importance of customer communication IATF specify a clause in which requirement are identified which an organization have to full fill for effective communication between organization and customer. This clause number is 8.2.1 and the requirement mention in this clause are mentioned below:


  • Communication with customer is related to providing the related information to products and services;
  • Information related to handling enquiries, contracts or orders, and any change which have been taken place or planned
  • Get the customer feedback related to products and services and customer complaints if any
  • Information related to controlling and handling of customer property if any
  • Consideration requirement related to contingency actions where applicable.
  • Written or verbal communication shall be in the language agreed with the customer.

Importance of customer communication:

  • Faster customer support
  • High customer satisfaction level
  • Build trust of customer
  • Reduce number of issue.
  • Build an effective platform for customer relation.


How to improve customer communication:

Collection of customer feedback and conduct effective analysis

Build a communication channel for strong communication

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What is customer communication? How effective it is

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