What is data analysis? Effective 15 steps

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What is data analysis? Effective 15 steps


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  • What is data analysis? Effective 15 steps
  • Check points for effective data analysis

What is data analysis


What is data analysis?

It is defined as a process for analysis data in which we are inspecting cleaning transforming and modelling power data to achieve the goal for which data has been collected and > decision.


15 Important check points for data analysis±(

When we are using any statistical tool for analysing the data below mentioned point need to keep in mind.


  • The data with which we are using should be stratified by coach when we are collecting the data
  • We have to collect the data in such a way that we can correlate the cause related to its characteristics
  • We have to consider raw data without any processing because when we are doing averages and making some totals calculations on data which creates some differences with respect to actual data
  • The data which we collected must be collected on routine basis in place of randomised data
  • We have to consider all conditions either it is good or it is not good for understanding the scenario of the process
  • We have to collect and verify our data with past data
  • If there is an issue related to matching with past data then we have to consider following for cross verification
  • We have to use statistical tool for data comparison
  • We have to identify the matter with the help of which we can reach on conclusion
  • We have to make some corrections if it required
  • We have to collect authenticate data
  • If the data having many possible causes then we have to use and then there’s this one by one for each applicable coaches in this case we can use multi Vary analysis
  • If the data analysis is not going in the way that we are assuming so we no need to worry they have to take it positive that the factor which we are considering having no impact on the situation.
  • At the time of analysis we have to keep in mind that how we can reduce this variation an sorry that was my accident
  • At the time of analysis we have to use cause and effect diagram because sometimes the elimination of fun cause can make situation worse
  • We have to follow the principle of parreto analysis 80/20 rules at the time of analysis
  • The action taken must be verified statistically with the help of control charts.

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What is data analysis? Effective 15 steps

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