What is Hazard? How assess it effectively

What is Hazard? How assess it effectively


Hi welcome again on your blog site ,today we are going to discuss about What is Hazard? How assess it effectively ).In this session we will cover brief description about the requirement of What is Hazard? How assess it effectively  so that a basic platform can be set to access next step. So requesting to you if you want to learn about this so please read this article carefully from beginning to end and I am confident that your attention during reading surely enhance your skill about What is Hazard? How assess it effectively and as we know we all carried out these things in routine basis. It means your knowledge will enhance and your competency will upgrade.


In this blog we will cover the below content:

Introduction to safety.

Introduction to HIRA.

What is Hazard? How assess it effectively

How to Start Hazards identification and risk assessment

How to control hazard

Importance of HIRA

Hope in the end of this blog you will be confidently able to answers above question. So lets discuss above content one by one.


What is safety ?

Safety in any operation is it related to safe execution of operation or we can say describing itself that how safe this operation is it means when someone is performing any operation in particular process or station so what kind of measures taken by him as per provided by organization to make his work safer

Any safe operation itself creates some standards in an organization with respect to health and safety of employees.


Introduction to HIRA:

The terminology Hira is referred to hazard identification and risk assessment relate to any process or any activity it is basically an assessment of any process or activity regarding possible situations availability in process which can lead to health and safety hazard.


What is a Hazard identification and risk assessment.

HIRA stands for Hazard identification and risk assessment.

It is basically a requirement of ISO45001:2018 standard which focus on the Health and safety of employee from the hazards applicable in the work environment.

ISO 45001 is the standard which describe the requirement which required to maintain a safe work environment for organization employee to achieve the goals of Health and safety standards

Let’s discuss about HIRA one by one.





There four key words focus on Identification of Health and safety hazard which are intrinsic or extrinsic In activity those are performed on daily basis.

After identification next step is to asses those hazards in terms of Severity,Scale,Occurance and control this is crucial step because it gives an overall score based on which we reach on a judgement in respect of significance hazard.

Action is decided based on the overall rating. Action can be in type of MP(Management programs ),OCP(Operational control procedure)

Next step is to identify the control with the help of which we can mitigate the hazard.

Control hierarchy is listed below:

Elimination ,Substitution ,Transfer ,Engg. Control, Administrative control and PPE.


How to Start Hazards identification and risk assessment:

Select the process

Identified the activity

Discuss with person performing the operation about safety related issue

Study physically the station

Note down the possible situation which can leads to hazard

Asses the identified risk

Identify the control applicable

Implement the control and communicate the control.

How to control hazard:

During process of Hazard risk assessment our focus must be on implementing the perfect control on the identified hazard so that the effect of hazard can be low as possible.

Following are the hierarchy of control implementation as mentioned below:



In this the prime focus is to eliminate the hazard so that we can say that the process is free from hazards.


In this type of control we are focus on the replacement of identified hazard with less or no hazard process or activity so that we can maintain the low hazard in our process.


Engineering controls: In this activity we are trying to implement engineering control in sense of safety covers ,safety sensors so that we can maintain a gap or distance between hazard and the people who are associated with the process.


Administrative controls:

In this type of control we are focus on more and more communication about the hazards in the form of picture or supporting document so that people maintain a distance and care about their health & safety from hazard. In this control we are mention about how to employee perform their task by keeping themselves safe.

Personal protective equipment:

This is the last type of control which is the basic control which is communicated to adhere while employee are performing their task in hazard areas so that they can work safely. This control is consider the use of personnel protective equipment’s like Gloves, Mask, Gogle, Apron, ear muff etc. Below is the fig. for hierarchy of control.


Importance of HIRA:

It helps to understand the potential hazard present in the process.

It ensure the safe working environment in process.

It build the confidence on process about health & safety perspective.

It gives a clear picture about the process with respect to health & safety

It is a common document which having all identified hazard and the control identified .


Why it is required to perform hazard identification and risk assessment :

As we discussed above hazard identification and risk assessment is play a very important role to an identify and assessment of the potential situations which can leads to hazard related to health and safety. Hazard identification and risk assessment provide complete Framework for the potential situations which can lead to any health and safety hazard so the organization can initially identified and assess the situations and implement the controls for reducing or eliminate their hazard

So from organization point of view it is very important to carried out this practice so that each operation and the activity will be free from hazard and safe operation.


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