What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively
What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively


Hi, Welcome to all of you once again on your blog site. Today we will know about What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively  .In this session we will cover brief description about the requirement of What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively  so  that a basic platform can be set to access next step. So requesting to you if you want to learn about this so please read this article carefully from beginning to end and I am confident that your attention during 4eading surely enhance your skill about What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively and as we know we all carried out these things in routine basis. It means your knowledge will enhance and your competency will upgrade .

 What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively ?
It is defined as the system which is implemented to ensure the implementation of  requirement related to ISO 14001 provide the guidelines standard requirement for implementing a effective environmental management system environmental management system focus on the requirement related to environmental activities which are being carried out as per organization activities.

ISO 14001 specify the guidelines and the requirement for implementing effective environmental management system standards focus on all the requirement in respect of organization activity towards the environment as we know any activity which is carried out in any organization create some kind of waste or consume some kind of resources so to consider these things International organization  is drafted and release to maintain the balance between the resource  availability and resource consumptions this ISO 14001 standard is release in 2015 .

This new standard is released with 10 clause structure to harmonize the organizations system implementation in International standard this standard release focus on few key changes which are mentioned below :

 New requirement feature in the standard are:

  •  context of organization 
  • risk and opportunity in business processes 

Standard structure

This ISO 14001 standard having 10 clauses which are mention below;
Clause -1 Scope
Clause -2 Normative References
Clause Terms and Definitions
Clause 4: Context of the Organization
Clause 5: Leadership
Clause 6: Planning
Clause 7: Support
Clause 8: Operation
Clause 9: Performance Evaluation
Clause 10: Improvement

This standard is specify the environmental management system requirement. this standard is major focus on legal compliances in respect of environment which are identified by state government as well as central government in case of any violation or non compliance of this requirement will leads to non conformity. 

Key documents required :

 Document required to fullfill standard requirement are mentioned below :

  • Management manual
  • Scope of environmental management system
  • Environmental policy
  • Context of organization
  • Risk and opportunity
  • Aspect and impact register
  • Environmental objective for business processes
  • Operational control to control process activity in respect of environment
  • Emergency preparedness plan and mock testing

Steps for ISO certification:

In this section we will learn How to implement effectively .

Steps to certify organization from ISO 14001 certification: As we discussed earlier the ISO standard is not applicable to any specific industry it means any company or organization can apply for ISO certification. Here are the few key steps which an organization need to follow for achieve ISO certification:

Step-1 :Getting the ISO 14001 standard :

This is the first steps toward certify from ISO 14001 ,organization who want to take ISO 14001 certification ,need to buy a ISO 14001 standard to read and develop an understanding about the standard so that it will easy to create document as per requirement of ISO 14001 standard .

Step 2 Doc. preparation : 

After reading and understanding the ISO 14001  standard requirement organization need to develop documents like Management manual ,Standard operating procedure ,Work instruction etc. so that the requirement in be defined in system .So that it will easy to understand and communicate further for smooth implementation.

Step 3 arrange training session: 

After completing initial two steps the organization need to plan and execute a training session based on What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively  requirement to develop internal auditors so that these auditors can assess the system periodically .this training session can be internally or externally but the trainer must have an lead auditor from an certification body. The requirement of complete ISO 14001 is to be cover in this training session so that the concept of participant will be clear about requirement.

Step 4 Plan and execution of internal audit :

When auditor are trained and certify for conduct internal audit ,an audit must plan and execute with the help of these auditors .So that the defined process can be access for smooth implementation of ISO 14001 standard requirement .

Step 5 Management review 

A meeting with management based on the agenda pints status as per defined by ISO 14001 standard need to conduct to review ,analyze and evaluate the status of implementation so that action can be decided and implement.

Step 6 Invitation to certification body:

Organization need to invite a certification body to conduct audit of organization system and give go ahead for certification. Organization need to ensure the certification body is accredited from ISO body otherwise the certification will not be considered original.
The certification body will conduct audit of organization in two steps or we can sya tow stages:

Stage -1 audit: in this stage the certification body will just ensure the system defined by organization and the document prepared to compliance the required of standard .It means this will be purely a document review audit.

Stage -2 audit: In this audit auditors of certification body will conduct audit thoroughly the system based on defined system and its implementation in organization in respected process by verifying the records and evidences and raise the non-conformity if there is gap observed during system requirement and its compliance .Finally this is the complete process by adopting this an organization can get the certification from ISO 14001 to build customer confidence and market reputation.

Is should a mandatory requirement in ISO 14001?

Answer– No, For mandatory requirement”Shall” is used in standard.

Question what is status of ISO 14001?


If we talk about ISO 14001 it is a standard for environmental management system. which is focus on implementation a environmental friendly system in organization.

It focuses on carried out process activity with minimal use of natural resources and minimum generation of waste.so that environment can maintain effectively.

Status is we can say certification status.(due or expired).

Organization’s status of ISO 14001 shows that the organisation is having certification or not.

Question– OCP full form.

Answer-OCP stands for 

Operational control procedures.

This requirement describing about identification of boundaries of organization means to defined a system within which the organization will perform its activities.
“In similar way like in any game rules and regulation are defined ,violation of those rule leads to penalty “
“similar way activity beyond the organization boundary leads to standard violation and customer dissatisfaction”.
So during identification of boundaries of What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively.  ,the organization need to consider following things :
Standard requirement will be applicable as per defined scope of organization.
This scope shall be available and be maintained as documented information. It must cover the types of products and services and provide justification for any requirement of International Standard that is not applicable to the organization.

Thanks for your patience and concentration during reading the topic, Hope you like this What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively  and the explanation of topic ,wish it will add up values in your competency and enhance your confidence to impart this practice in your professional carrier. We will meet soon with another topic for enhance basic skill which is required to fulfil the professional requirement. In case of any query or suggestion you can write us in comment box .
Thanks again for reading What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively . Hope you enjoyed What is ISO 14001? How to implement effectively  and it added some value in your knowledge.

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