Hi Welcome to all of you once again on your blog site. In today session we will know about What is ISO 9001? Its uses and principles .

QMS Introduction :

It stands for quality management system .

It defined as a management system which is defined to meet the required quality level through which customer satisfaction can be achieved.

It helps to set a systematic track which is very important to produce a required quality with a defined variation.

It help to build confidence that through this settled system requirement of customer can be met.

What is ISO 9001? Its uses and principles

Quality management system focus on the system which his established by organization to produce a quality product with the help of requirement of customer can be full fill.

Quality management system help to build a basic platform or we can say a minimal requirement so that customer can trust on an organization that the organization can meet their requirements.

Usess of Quality management system:

  • It provide a common ok instruction to establish a system.
  • It help to build a platform from where the customer requirement can be met.
  • It set a standard process for producing quality product.
  • It help to build customer confidence
  • It creates opportunity for new business
  • It create a discipline to work in a standard pattern.

Now let’s know about Seven QMS principle mentioned below:

What is ISO 9001? Its uses and principles

Customer focus:

As the name describe itself, customer focus, it is the first principle of quality management system.

It gives the guidance to organization how to focus the customer because if an organization focus on customer requirement than he can deliver good quality product which will help in growth of organization.

According to this organization need to identify the need and expectation of customer and start work to achieve these. It focus on the what customer want, when, how he want etc. so this principle directly gives the direction to focus on customer


It is clear that without good leader a team can’t achieve success, in similar way if an organization don’t have good leadership in management than it will not achieve the success.

Engagement of people

The standard introduced and focused on process approach which is directly linked with this principle, because as we know the organization is grow if all process are working efficiently and effectively, which is aim of process approach. In similar way this principle is focused on engagement of peoples which are involved in various process, because the collectively efforts of all will leads to growth of organization.

Process approach

As we discussed above principle which is named as engagement of employee, which his only feasible when the organization is following the process approach.

This principle focus on the internal linkage of different –different process with each other so that output result in collectively efforts of organization.


As we know change is sign of success or growth. When even change is happen it will affect the organization business. In short we can understand it like when change is occurs it means there is upgradation in something, it means there is some kind of improvement happened, Change is trigger for improvement.

If an organization is accepting changes it means they are not using latest technology, which make the organization out of race of competition.

So to stay and win in race of competition organization have to follow this principles

Evidence-based decision making:

This principle focused on decisions taken by organization not on assumptions but based on actual evidences.

A decision based on assumption leads to failure and loss of business because it not giving confident to customer. But when an organization making decisions based on evidences, it build customer confidences and leads to success of organization. Evidences can be any kind of relevant data, analytical technique for data analysis, past data, etc.

Relationship management.

This is last principle of QMS which his identified by ISO for organizations. As name suggest relationship management, it means organization have to focus on relationship management between organization employees so that there is good bonding can build among them. It helps to improve work culture.

Thanks again for reading this topic on What is ISO 9001? Its uses and principles . Hope you enjoyed this and it added some value in your knowledge.


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