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Measurement System Analysis introduction:

As we know data is play very important role in today world where competition is increasing day by day in respect on product etc. Due to increase in competition there is one very important thing is required that is to produce a world level quality product by beating the competitor respect of price, volume, quality etc. SO to achieve this high quality data very important because based on data we can commitment to customer that we can meet their requirement .by looking such things it’s very important that the data based on which we are making commitment must don’t have any error otherwise it will leads to failure in commitments and also the best quality product can’t achieve .because wrong data can leads to wrong judgement .The collected will be wrong if the measurement system used for data collection having errors so that that error add up in the data set and we received wrong data .Finally we have to understand the measurement system in which we are generating data and eliminate the error from the measurement system. That why an process is set up to control the all respected parameter of measurement system so that the error can be eliminate from measuring process. This system is called as measurement system analysis which emphasize the requirement for set up and good measurement system.

Current version of MSA is AIAG manual is version 4

Definition of Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Measurement system analysis (MSA ) is defined as the system which is designed to set up an effecting measuring process for data collection and inspection activity so that the error can be control in process and a good quality data can be generate with designed process variation. As we know variation is law of nature so we can’t eliminate variation but we can measure it and control it .That why an method is define with the help of which we can measure the variation present in measurement system with the help of calculating accuracy, precision and stability ,GR& R etc.

Definition Measurement System:

Before discussion g about Measurement system analysis in detail first we have to understand about measurement system, what is measurement system? As the name suggest it is self-explanatory, measurement system means a system which his collection of some key items which are required to maintain some key items to get an effective output? It means is we are no complying the system requirement we can’t get desired output. Measurement system is a set of Standard, work piece (part), Instrument, Person and finally the environment these are the key items which hare required to maintain a measurement system and get the desired output. Lets brief discuss about these one by one:

Standard: Any specification, Work instruction, drawing which his specify the value that is to be measure and how it will be measure called as standard.

Work piece: any specific men, product etc. Who’s dim, is need to metaprocess – test method, specification

Instrument: The measuring instrument which is used by operator to check the dimension of product as per specified in the standard.

Personnel – The person operator /inspector etc. who is carried out inspection by use of measuring instrument and the standard.

Environmental – It relates to the condition in which the measurement is being carried out tby the person with the help of instrument and re. Standard .like Lux level, dust level, humidity, temperature of that respected

Requirement of Measurement System Analysis :

As we discussed earlier that the process having variation in it which can leads to generation and collection of wrong data if this variation is not being controlled .So MSA is the process in which we are creating a system in which hall things which hare related to variation ,are being monitored. With the help of MSA we can calculate the variation presence in the measurement system and take action to control this so that it will not affect our product quality or we can say process output.

  • To identify the variation present in process due to Measurement system
  • To make decision on process acceptance based on variation
  • TO decide the action required to enhance process and reduce process variation.

Type of MSA: As earlier discusses MSA is carried out to identify the process variation which is caused to measurement system .So the MSA is carried out for both type of data either its variable or attribute.

Based on data type MSA is having following two types which hare mentioned below:

  • Measurement system analysis for variable data
  • Measurement system analysis for attribute data.

Variable data :This kind of data is generated by taking the multiple reading of any specification which having some values in sense that we can check it with the help of measuring scale ,Micrometre, Push pull testing etc. In this process we can generate multiple data values for any particular specification .The data collected is support for taking the decision on particular specification. Some example of variable data are weight, length, diameter, density, pressure, strength etc.

Attribute data : this is the which his collected in form of Yes /No ,OK/NG, or 0,1 etc. it means the response of any input is only in two forms either it will be accepted or it will be rejected ,generally we are doing visual inspection, Go/NO Gauges in our process to take decision about any product characteristics. Such type of practice is covered in attribute data.

Acceptance criteria for Variable MSA:

The MSA is conducted for variable data having following acceptance criteria:

  • If the Gage R & R value comes below 10% in that condition the measurement system will be accepted it means the variation of measurement system is in controlled.
  • If the Gage R & R value comes between 10% to 20% in that condition the measurement system will be accepted based on its importance and use of application with specific approval and terms and conditions.
  • In case where the Gage R & R is higher than 30% it means your measurement system variation is much higher which cause the higher variation in process output so it required strong action either to change the instrument or educate the appraiser.

In the end let’s take a look of two important terms used in measurement system analysis are:

Appraiser: the person who is taking reading or conducting inspection of any characteristics etc.

Observer: The person who is trained and competent to conduct MSA, under the supervision of which the activity of MSA is being carried out

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What is MSA? Its requirements as per AIAG


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