Hi once again welcome on your favourite blog quality wala Gyan so as usual again bring a new article for you today. This article which name is What is passive income? 5 effective ways generate income is going to be interesting for you because it will help to enhance your personal ability and your knowledge.

What is passive income? 5 effective ways generate income

So can someone imagine on which topic we are going to discuss today ok let’s I explain to you today we are going to discuss on a topic which is very important for everyone. As everybody know it today world’s peoples are moving towards money, how to earn money and on Google you can find out multiples content videos articles which will give you two information about approaches to earn money I have gone through many videos on Google and based on those videos I realise that these information’s are not so much clear and effective.

That’s why I decided to write a topic  What is passive income? 5 effective ways generate income will help you effectively.

So this article is going to be full of knowledge.

Everybody want to earn money, to make money and I want to do minimum apples to earn money.

With this thinking everybody doing different different planning to earn money.

But peoples forgot that money earning please not difficult task and it’s not a prime task.

First of all we have to focus on key factor that is creating sources to earn money.

If we are focusing on creating sources to earn money then we can earn a lot of money which we never expected earlier.

In this article I will tell you sum of the sources to earn money and is a very last time consuming practice.

Do you know why it is important to have multiple sources of money.

Because richest people in the world having multiple number 4 sources to earn money.

People like Mukesh ambani, Warren buffett, Jeff bezos , alen musk, Bill gates etc.

Became a richest person it is very necessary that you have multiple sources earn money.

You created this sources at a time and u d sources give you money for a long period of time.

Going to discuss please sources to earn money which everyone should have if someone want to become rich.What is passive income? 5 effective ways generate income .

Source 1, you tube channel, website etc.

Anyone who is is interested to create sources to earn money can use these platform on Google without any big investment and after start these things he can share his views about his own expertise and create multiple articles which will gave money with the passage of time over a long period.

This is the first source to earn money.

Source 2. Writing ebooks and published on Google.

The person who is interested to write books, the peoples can write books based on is experience knowledge and practical learning from life.

He can publish these books on various sites and also can sell on Google selling  Amazon, Flipkart etc.

This ebooks will earn money for him.

Source 3. Online training course.

The person who is having its own skill can start sharing his skill other and train the other peoples bye offering is courses on reasonable prices.

It’s a one time activity create training course and upload on specific platforms so that people can avail these courses and learn about the articles. This is a never ending process because after learning from these courses they refer these courses their circles and in this manner it’s a never ending source of income.

Source 4. Investments

The name suggest investment it means someone have to you invest some amount of money for getting more money.

This investment can be any type like stock market, mutual funds, fixed deposits, government saving schemes etc.

By investment in multiple schemes people can  earn money, he will get some amount of interest over these Investments which is another source of income.

Source 5. Real estate

This is another type of investment which is in the form of some property which is bought by a parson

In the form of of investment. So that when he can sell this property he will learn more money then he had invested. This is is also one of the important type of money sources.


These all sources to earn money are legal there is no any fraud behind these.

So today i explain to you that earning money  is not so important, important is to create the sources who can earn money for you.

Anyone can use these sources to earn money without any problems because these all are dependent on shelf capabilities of person.

we have to focus to create multiple sources from where we can get money and we can become rich because the person having single source of money will never became rich. his earning will be exhausted to full fll his basic needs and life hate will faces issue of so money shortage.focus on What is passive income? 5 effective ways generate income i

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