What is Poke yoke? Its use & importance

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What is Poke yoke? Its use & importance


In this article we will able to know about two very important techniques which are using in todays life and they are play very important role these two techniques are usually using world wide for detection of nonconformity and control there out slow. Let’s now discuss these two techniques one by one prior to discussing in detail let’s understand their definitions:

In this session you will be able to know about :

  • Definition of mistake proofing
  • What is Poke yoke? Its use & importance
  • Standard requirement for error proofing
  • Requirement of error proofing devices
  • What is challenge part
  • Requirement for challenge part

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Definition of mistake proofing :

Mistake Proofing is about techniques to prevent defects and detect defects as soon as possible, if one does occur.

What is Poke yoke? Its use & importance :

Poke yoke is a technique to identify potential process errors and either design them out of the product or process or eliminate the possibility that the error could produce a non-conformance.

 As discussed above in both definitions about problem how to prevent problem occurrence an detection in production. we can say that the both techniques working in a direction to control the defect in process .in mistake proofing this techniques focus on prevention of defect and its detection as soon as possible so that the outflow of defect can be control to a specific area it means the mistake proofing majorly focus on defect prevention and detection in case of problem or defect occurrence which mean the mistake proofing will work when any problem occur so that it will help to prevent defect and control its outflow now understand this with an example.

Simple layout and arrangement which is applicable everywhere in offices as well as in homes .

As we know layout is the relative position of any items in a particular boundary or space.

Now understand it with shoe rack example ,for shoe rack we specify a particular location in our house it’s a part of layout.

Now come to arrangement which is nothing just basically the placement of shoe in rack. Means in shoe rack we are placing shoe by size or by member of family so that its easy to take out shoe whenever it required.

These whole thing we are doing at hour home is part of mistake proofing to make our daily life easy you can also take example of bike and car key holder etc. There are many more examples are we carried out in our routine life.

Standard requirement for error proofing :

To ensure effective implementation of system and to achieve the standard goal related to defect prevention in supply chain international standard identified some key requirements in respect of error proofing which are mentioned below ,these are mandatory requirements it means they must implemented to meet the compliance of error proofing.

Requirement of error proofing devices :

As we are discussion in topic from starting about error proofing ,mistake proofing .We know these are the control which are implemented in process to control or eliminate the defect generation and if generated than to control defects outflow. These control implemented in kind of machine or devices so While we are talking about error proofing devices some important thing need to consider in our mind so that the error proofing devices can implemented sucessfully and perform its function smoothly as per defined standard. So international standard for automotive industry define some key requirement for error proofing devices for this proper functioning and met the gaol of devices implementation. Below are the key requirement which need to force while set up or implement any error proofing devices.

What is challenge part :

While we discussing about implementation of any error proofing devices ,so to ensure the smooth function of device its very necessary to make an standard for verification of that particular device ,based on which we can declare that our device is performing its function properlly.That standard or master sample is named \s challenge part

Challenge part :

It is defined as the part based on which we can challenge the system of machine,In simple words the part with the help of which we can check the system functionality of machine or any error proofing device . This is also a standard requirement automotive industry standard IATF . And finally requirement of Challenge parts

Requirement for challenge part:

To make system perfect to perform its goal international standard defined some key requirement for challenge part so that we can confirm that all the requirement being followed for preparing challenge part and to meet the goal of error proofing device.

Question-By what name master sample is identified in Iatf.

Answer- we talk about Master sample description in IATF 16949 , In IATF 16949 the term challenge part is used for denote master sample so organization have to consider all the requirement of challenge part where ever applicable.

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What is Poke yoke? Its use & importance

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