What is Product safety? How implement it effectively
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In the end of this session you will be able to learn about :
  • What is Product safety? How implement it effectively
  • What is product recall
  • Product safety and recall
  • Importance of product safety adherence
  • Process of identification of product safety.
  • Requirement of standard
What is Product safety? How implement it effectively
it is the standard which tell us based on design and manufacturing of product which we are using , is it harmful to us or not.
Product safety have gained high importance in past few years especially in automotive industries, due to increase in no. of recall causes faulty components and designs. We can see in newspapers news about the recall. The organization not paying for these recall not only in forma of cost but its left a bad impression on the brand image of organization. So to keeping all these thing in today world it gaining high significance .To control such drastic scenario organization at world level decided the norms related to product safety.
What is Product safety? How implement it effectively :
Product Safety is defined as  standards which is  relating to the design and manufacturing of products to ensure that  they do not represents harm or hazards to customers“. Product safety is part of product characteristics like quality etc. SO it’s necessary to maintain the product safety requirement to achieve the product characteristics as per defined by customer .Product safety requirement are related to drawing specification and also it can be any statutory and regulatory requirement which an organization need to follow and adhered.
So that we can say that with the help of this we can conclude that product is and safety related categories or not.
Let us understand this with small example :
Example no. 1 : Pencil
what are you think about pencil is it any safety related product means if the pencil is failed to perform its function can it harm to us ???
No. it will not harm us so that it’s not an safety items.
Example no. 2 :Brake in your Car:
Now what’s your opinion about this product .Is it harm you in case of failure to perform its function.
Yes it is .because if break is failed to perform its function it will leads to an accident in which human will be harm. So that it is a safety product.
Product Recalls :
As we know recalls is related to the collecting the product from market in case if there is any issue in product which causes injury or accidents .When there is any product due to which there are issues received from the customer ,that particular supplier have to recall the that product from market to comply the norms related to safety and requirement of contract .In today world we always come to know that this customer recall his vehicle from market due to faulty component etc. these all things are related to product recall. So it is very necessary to follow the product safety requirement to gain the customer confidence and make a safer product so that customer can use it without fear of failure.
Product safety and product recall :
In today world the recall are increase causes the failure of product safety requirement eeithrsit is prodcut safety characteristics or any statutory or regulatory requirement .it means the recall of product is creates an atmosphere of fear within the  customer so there is a strong relation between both two product safety & recall ,If the organization follow the compliance of product safety it will help to control the product recall and build confidence within the customer regarding product safety
Principle of safety management: 
Below are the few key principle of safety management in organization:
  • Corporate policy establishment
  • Safety review process identification
  • Severity identification for product hazard
  • Promotion of product safety environment
  • Monitoring of product safety performance
Processes identification which are relevant to Product Safety:
Create a list of preliminary process which are potentially linked to product safety, arrange a joint discussion with team regarding discussion on the linkage of process and their impact on product safety. After that investigation of identified process which having impact on product safety a preliminary list of potentially relevant processes for Product Safety and collection of information about the impact on product .Now its time to discuss  this collection information with experts so that input can be collected to ensure product safety compliance an ensure implementation of these requirements .
Importance of product safety adherence :
As we discussing from start about product safety that its having vital importance role in today scenario. Here are the few requirement of product safety compliance:
  • To ensure the product is safe
  • To eliminate the injuries causes the product failure
  • To minimize the product recall
  • Maintain the brand image of organization
  • To reduce the cost causes to product safety failure.
Requirement of standard :
Here are the below key requirement which need to consider by an organization while he is designing and manufacturing the safety related product ;
Customer voice capturing :
  • Identification of statutory and regulatory product-safety requirements; Organization need to identify the requirement of product in respect to salutatory and regulatory context so that the product can full fill the requirement of region in which is will be used and same has to be communicated to customer .
  • Take special approval if it required in case of special characteristic.
  • Identification:
  • Need to identify the special characteristics and ensure the implementation of control required
  • All these thing need to cover in control plan with reaction plan in case of any issue and FMEA and take special approvals from customers.
  • Control :
  • Responsibility to be defined for control of product safety related items and training to all concern about critical checks
  • Change management:
  • Take approval prior to make any change in respect of process or characteristics and communication of the requirement throughout the supply chain
  • Traceability :
  • Ensure traceability of these items and maintain a data for trouble found over period.
  • Traceability is required to trace the production date and other information in case of product failure etc.
While we talk about products safety we have to focus on process from which the parts are being made.
And for this a CQI -11 is released by AIAG for special process.
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Product safety is an essential aspect of any business that manufactures or sells products. It refers to the measures taken to ensure that products are safe for consumers to use and do not pose any harm or danger to them. A safe product is one that meets all the necessary safety standards, is properly labeled, and has clear instructions for use.
The importance of product safety cannot be overstated. If a product is unsafe, it can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities, which can damage a company’s reputation and result in legal and financial repercussions. Moreover, consumers have the right to expect safe products, and it is the responsibility of manufacturers and sellers to meet this expectation.
To ensure product safety, businesses must adhere to various regulatory and compliance standards. These standards cover a wide range of aspects, including product design, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and marketing. Additionally, businesses must perform risk assessments and take appropriate measures to mitigate any potential risks associated with their products.
Effective communication with consumers is also crucial for product safety. Businesses must provide clear and concise instructions for use, warnings about potential hazards, and information about any precautions that consumers should take. Additionally, businesses must take prompt action if any safety concerns arise and address them transparently and responsibly.
In conclusion, product safety is an essential aspect of any business that manufactures or sells products. It not only protects consumers from harm but also helps businesses to maintain their reputation and avoid legal and financial repercussions. Businesses must prioritize product safety and take all necessary measures to ensure that their products are safe for consumers to use.
What is Product safety? How implement it effectively
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