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  • What is quality objectives
  • Introduction to quality objective
  • What are the standard requirement for objective.
  • Key requirement for quality objectives:
  • How to make quality objective for organization:
  • Benefits of quality objectives.

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What is Quality Objective? How to define objective

The quality objectives are the key items identified by the organization to focus on the company goal which identified in quality policy. Quality objectives are directly linked to quality policy. Quality policy are the direction provided by management .business processes of organization are work in directions to achieve the target of objectives which have been identified from quality policy.



Introduction to Quality objectives :

Objective is something for which an organization is planning or carried out its action to achieve,

Indirectly we can say that the aim or something else for which we are try to achieve.

Example : Section in NDA,IAS etc.

Quality objective example :PPM, Productivity, FIFO, MTTR, MTBF etc.

What are the standard requirement for objective :

In case of quality objectives it is refer to the aims of an organization in QMS system Defined by organization

As per IATF requirement It states that a documented process and must establish at defined levels:

When we discussing about objective at that time we have to consider some few things with the help of with we can set an effective objective so that the aim of organization can be met during objective setting an organization need to consider that objective must be specific ,measurable,acheiveable,realistic and time bound means it can be achieve in defined time.

Key requirement for quality objectives:

  • In short we can say that Quality objective defined above shall be SMART.
  • And in last quality objectives must be communicated and be updated as appropriate.

How to make quality objective for organization

As we discussed earlier quality objectives are driven from the quality policy of an organization so quality policy is the first step which can leads to clear identification of objectives. So at the time of quality policy establishment top management need to consider all the key requirement which are related to specific standard and the customer specific requirement so this can provide a clear direction for quality objectives.

While any organization is identify the quality objective they have to keep in focus about some key words so that the defined objective can meet the organization goal. That word is “SMART”

These four words having their own description which we will know one by one below:


Specific: The objectives defined by organization must be specific. It means it must focus towards a particular goal instead of saying to be done, to be improve etc. because an unclear statement create confusion and in the end which is leads to non-value activity so to avoid such thing the objective must be specific for example: Reduce the in-house PPM of assembly process .

Measurable: After setting a specific objective next step is to assign some value to that particular objectives which can be measureable. Because if the objective is not measurable so we can’t claim that it is helps to achieve organization goal. Based on a measurable objective an organization can identify the status of improvement against the defined goal of organization. So organization must consider a measureable objectives for example: Reduce the in-house PPM of assembly process by 5%.


Achievable: As the name suggest that achievable it means that target set up by organization must be achievable because if the target range is very far from the reality than the there is no advantage of setting an objective because it will be meaning less in such case. For example reduce the in-house PPM of assembly process by 5 %.( OK) but Reduce the in-house PPM of assembly process by 135 %.( Not OK)

Realistic: After consideration of above thing it’s time to take a look at objective about its reality means the target you decided are realistic to achieve or not because it will create help to motivate the team if our target are with huge variation than people will think it will not achieve so they will take it lighter side that’s why the target must be realistic so that it build confidence for example: Reduce the in-house PPM of assembly process from 10% to 5%.

Time-Bound : It is the last but very important factor which create more weightage. As name suggest time bound means organization have to specify some specific time frame to achieve the defined objectives .without any time bound it is not easy to track the status of objective. For example reduce the in-house PPM of assembly process from 10% to 5% in 2 month.

Benefits of quality objectives:

  • Quality objectives provide the clear direction to achieve the organization goal.
  • These are set a framework for organization process are works
  • Objective monitoring gives the confidence to organization
  • Upwards trends of objective shows the growth of organization which create opportunities for further improvement.
  • Downward trends of objectives gives alarms to organization for taking action to maintain the level of improvement.

It helps to set the targets for individual’s process in organization.


Question- What is objective deployment in store in Iatf?

Answer- If we talk about objectives it must consider at minimum below mentioned category.

  • FIFO management
  • Inventory turn over ratio
  • Stock accuracy
  • Shelf life management
  • Slow moving management
  • Non moving material management


Above are the key objectives which need to maintain for store process.

Question-Who is the responsible person to make supplier quality manual.

Answer-Supplier manual is a document which is created by CFT. CFT that having key persons from all respected process of organization ,who having broad knowledge about product and process. The CFT is led by management representative who having competency about standard requirements

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