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what is six sigma methodology? How to use it

what is six sigma methodology? How to use it 

It is defined as the set of quality control tool or we can vocalize it a magazine of tools of various levels as per applicability) which can utilize in businesses to improve the process by reducing the variation exists in processes. It is highly advance tool and technique methodology which his being used worldwide now a days. In directly we call it a money making strategy because while our process produce less defect it will overcome the cost of poor quality and increase the profitability of organization.

All we know 99.9% is already which is about 4.6 sigma)VERY GOOD but do you know

What could happen at a quality level of 99.9% (i.e., 1000 ppm in our everyday lives

  • 4000 wrong medical prescriptions each year
  • More than 3000 newborns accidentally falling from the hands of nurses or doctors each year
  • Two long or short landings at American airports each day

What is statistical tool& technique?

Basically Statistical tools are nothing these are math formula and techniques which hare being used by researchers to perform research effectively.

Researchers made decisions based on analysis of data result achieved by these formulas and calculations.

Some of the examples of statistical tools are control chart, Anova test, design of experiment, problem solving methodologies etc.

History of six sigma.

It was started or we can call it comes to know in 1980.When a organization named Motorola make a remarkable profit in his business by elimination of defect from processes with the help of statistical tools and technique. The person who introduced this methodology named Bill smith.

Later on multiple organization comes across to adopt this methodology after seeing the remarkable business profits and growth of Motorola. These organisations are Honeywell and General Electric etc.

In year 2011 ISO published a standard for defining the six sigma processes named as ISO 13053:2011.

Six Sigma Black belt Techniques:

As we know six sigma methodology is set of tools and techniques with the help of which process variation can be identified and eliminate to produce good quality of product with minimal defect quantity. Some of the techniques are mentioned below:

  • Brainstorming
  • Multi vary analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Root Cause Analysis/The 5 Whys
  • Design of experiments
  • Voice of the Customer
  • The 5S System
  • Kaizen
  • Benchmarking
  • Poka-yoke


Lean Six Sigma Belt certification Rankings :

As we know six sigma is individual competency of person so that’s why there are multiple levels are defined for certification of six sigma. Which are mentioned below:

White belt: There is no any formal training available for white belt. This level of person having understanding about basic framework of six sigma.

Yellow belt: This is next level of persons who having white belt, the person with yellow belt can become team members in six sigma projects.

Green belt: This is the level of qualification which comply the basic requirement of six sigma knowledge and skill, the person who have been work in projects comes under this level.

Black belt: This is the upgraded level of green belt, the person who having green belt can go for black belt. It is a formal training program which is focus on explanation of various tools and techniques of six sigma methodology.


The Elements of what is six sigma methodology? How to use it 

The Six Sigma methodology is basically made of five key element, these element are the steps to execute six sigma project effectively in any organization.

In short these element are named as “DMAIC” methodology and all these steps are execute under the directions of leadership.

DMAIC methodology the acronym for:

Define – It is the first step in which project goal is defined and align to the voice of the customer and their requirements.

Measure – In this step the current process is measured for ensuring the status of current output or we can say process capability or performance of running process.

Analyze – In this step the collected data in measure phase analyse to identify the root cause behind the problems .This is the phase where investigation is being carried out to find out the root cause.

Improve – Action are identified based on analysis of data to improve the process for achieve better result these action are such as error proofing, control charts, work standardization etc.

Control – This is the phase in which the action decided during improved phase are monitored or controlled during their implementation for achieve the project goal and ensure the process improvement level.


Sigma level and DPMO level matrix:

Sigma level     DPMO level

sigma          308,537

3  sigma          66,811

4  sigma          6,210

5  sigma          233

6  sigma          3.4


KEY TAKEAWAYS of what is six sigma methodology? How to use it :

  • Six Sigma is a quality-tools help to eliminate the process variation
  • Six sigma started in Motorola
  • It is set of statistical tool and technique
  • The team equipped with statistical tools and technique always focus to eliminate process issues and increase business profitability.
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