What is ts16949 certification now IATF?

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What is ts16949 certification now IATF?

IATF stands for International automotive task force.

It is standard which is prepared for providing the guidance for effectively implementation of the requirement to achive customer satisfaction.

It is focus on continuously improvement in quality management system and its processes.

It basically works for automotive sector.

It is a well defined standard which describe the set of requirement to continually improvement in quality management system and its processes.

What is ts16949 certification now IATF? introduction: IATF stands for international automotive task force it means it is applicable standard for automotive industry ,it is developed by world top OEM and published by ISO (International organization for standardization)

This standard is focus on the requirement which hare defined by top OEM for their supplier so that issues in supply chain can be reduces.

It develop a standard guidelines by implementing those a common platform can be set to fulfil the automotive customer requirement without any failure .The goal of IATF is to develop a system which is focus on for continual improvement ,defect prevention and reduction of waste in supply chain

Applicability: As the name describe itself automotive, It is applicable for automotive industry only.

Standard structure: This IATF standard having 10 clauses which are mention below;

Clause -1 Scope

Clause -2 Normative References

Clause Terms and Definitions

Clause 4: Context of the Organization

Clause 5: Leadership

Clause 6: Planning

Clause 7: Support

Clause 8: Operation

Clause 9: Performance Evaluation

Clause 10: Improvement

This is the high level structure of IATF standard we will discuss later these in detail one by one.
Clause structure is remain similar for all standards.

Steps for IATF certification:

IATF 16949 it’s a Steps to certify organization from IATF certification: As we discussed earlier the IATF standard is only applicable for automotive industries it means the company or organization who is a part of supply chain of automotive industry can apply for IATF certification. Here are the few key steps which an organization need to follow for achieve IATF certification:

Step-1 :Getting the IATF 16949 standard .this is the first steps toward certify from IATF ,organization who want to take What is ts16949 certification now IATF? certification ,need to buy a IATF standard to read and develop an understanding about the standard so that it will easy to create document as per requirement of IATF standard .

Doc. preparation : After reading and understanding the What is ts16949 certification now IATF? standard requirement organization need to develop documents like Management manual ,Standard operating procedure ,Work instruction etc. so that the requirement in be defined in system .So that it will easy to understand and communicate further for smooth implementation.

Arrange training session: After completing initial two steps the organization need to plan and execute a training session based on What is ts16949 certification now IATF? requirement to develop internal auditors so that these auditors can assess the system periodically .this training session can be internally or externally but the trainer must have an lead auditor from an certification body. The requirement of complete IATF 16949 is to be cover in this training session so that the concept of participant will be clear about requirement.

Plan and execution of internal audit :When auditor are trained and certify for conduct internal audit ,an audit must plan and execute with the help of these auditors .So that the defined process can be access for smooth implementation of IATF standard requirement .

Management review : A meeting with management based on the agenda pints status as per defined by IATF standard need to conduct to review ,analyse and evaluate the status of implementation so that action can be decided and implement.

Invitation to certification body: Organization need to invite a certification body to conduct audit of organization system and give go ahead for certification. Organization need to ensure the certification body is accredited from IATF body otherwise the certification will not be considered original.

Goal of IATF :


It focus on continual improvement which Emphasizes defect prevention and Promotes the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.


What are the key changes in IATF?

Below are the top key changes which are identified:

  • High level structure
  • New Term.
  • Risk-Based Thinking.
  • Integration of CSR.
  • First and second party auditor competency.
  • Product Safety
  • Manufacturing feasibility.
  • Warranty Management
  • Development of product with embedded software management

The certification body will conduct audit of organization in two steps or we can sya tow stages:

Stage -1 audit: in this stage the certification body will just ensure the system defined by organization and the document prepared to compliance the required of standard .It means this will be purely a document review audit.stage one is conducted at both manufacturing site as well as support location.

Question- Is it possible to take stage 1 audit of Iatf online?

Answer- Yes it is possible and depends upon certification body. If we talk about current scenario all audit are carried out virtually (online) because of pendemic movement are restricted.so to meet standard requirements certification body are conducting audit online.
But in general it is not possible to conduct audit online.

Stage -2 audit: In this audit auditors of certification body will conduct audit thoroughly the system based on defined system and its implementation in organization in respected process by verifying the records and evidences and raise the non-conformity if there is gap observed during system requirement and its compliance .Finally this is the complete process by adopting this an organization can get the certification from IATF to build customer confidence and market reputation.

Iatf 16949 customer specific requirements matrix example:
Please find the below sample for CSR matrix for reference.

Question -A person who completed Iatf 16949 Transition Lead auditor is same as a lead auditor

Answer- Lead auditor are those who completed a minimum 5 days course from a authorized agency. After completion of this we can say he is a lead auditor.

Ts 16949 now IATF transition-It is a phase in which an standard is revised and it needs to implement in organization.
Implementation of revised standard requirements and its certification is namely
called as transition.
Both thing are different.

NC example as per IATF.
Process of job set up not perform effectively verified for assy process job set up records not found evident at the start of production.

Question-In how many days engineering change need to be review according to Iatf standards.

Answer- According to the IATF 16949 standard the requirement related to review of engineering change is maximum 10 working days.
It means organizations have to complete review related to engineering change within 10 working days.

Question-iatf 16949 internal lab scope example

Answer-As per IATF if any organization having Laboratory in its premises than they have to prepare a scope for its lab. Which must cover all the available testing equipment’s in must cover in lab scope with proper identification, calibration status, required testing procedures and any other specific documents which are required to operate the equipment’s safely.

Question-Farm parts are involved in Iatf Standard

Answer-IF we talk about Farm part and its linkage in IATF. IATF is only for automotive vehicle and Farms equipment’s are not in supply chain of automotive so there is no linkage of IATF and Farm parts.

IATF never conducted surprise audit in any organizations.

Organizations have to cover all its processes in a three year clander.

Organization have to full fill are requirements stated by standard for get certification.

The person who is completed a course of lead auditor from a certification body name called as External auditor and list is not available on Google, it is stored in certification body portals.

Scope shall be available for the laboratory who is performing test on materials, equipment etc.

Scope of organizations depand upon the process carried out in organization.

For HR process IATF mention specific requirements in clause no. 7.2.

Finance department is not explicitly exclude in standard because it is covered in the context chapter of IATF.

Most of the organisation are prepare manual in English if some one want to make it in hindi they can because there is no laungage recommendations from ts 16949 now IATF side.

Thanks for your patience and concentration during reading the topic, Hope you like this topic and the explanation of What is ts16949 certification now IATF? ,wish it will add up values in your competency and enhance your confidence to impart this practice in your professional carrier. We will meet soon with another topic for enhance basic skill which is required to fulfil the professional requirement. In case of any query or suggestion you can write us in comment box .

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