What is uniqueness in Six Sigma? How important it’s

Hi, Welcome to all of you once again on your blog site. Today we will know about What is uniqueness in Six Sigma? How important it’s  IN this session we will cover brief description about the requirement of What is uniqueness in Six Sigma? How important it’s so that a basic platform can be set to access next step. So requesting to you if you want to learn about this so please read this article carefully from beginning to end and I am confident that your attention during reading surely enhance your skill about What is uniqueness in Six Sigma? How important it’s  and as we know we all carried out these things in routine basis. It means your knowledge will enhance and your competency will upgrade Six sigma USP(Unique Selling Points):


USP as the name suggest that unique selling points means the specific characteristics of any commodity ,object etc. Which makes it more important than others so that it will high scope than others and high importance than others.

USP is applicable to all either it is any object ,human etc. Specific characterstics of indiviual that makes thier importance than others.

Some of the example are for USP.

  • Camera ,battery features of any android phone.
  • Highest no. Of service station to any automotive .
  • Six sigma certification and project completed by an individual.


Lean six sigma :As we know lean and six sigma are both used for process improvement methodologies means by using these both we can enhance out process efficiency and production speed.

If we talk about both separately Lean is relates to speed and sigma is precision & accuracy in data and based on which ha decision can be taken.

The term six sigma comes into existence in 1980s by Motorola they save more than 16 billion dollar by using six sigma.


What is uniqueness in Six Sigma? How important it’s

A unique selling point (USP), is the proposition of any product which makes it more important that other ones .In simple words we ca say that any special feature which is not present in competitor product or similar software or application.


Importance of unique selling points:

It is defined a special status of six sigma methodology which makes is much more better and increase its importance in today business world as compare to other methodology .As we know in today world of competitionits very important to produce product at minimal cost so that the customer can be attract and the market place can be cover maximum. So to work in direction with profit maximization and minimal money investment, the six sigma play very important role .With the help of six sigma we can control the cost which his spent on non-value added activities and with a minimal cost investment an organization can get higher return on their investment.

And we also know management also demand for profit so to achieve management satisfaction it’s also play important role. These unique features of six sigma makes it much better than others.


Few key important of unique selling points:

  • To run process on minimum variation
  • To produce product at minimal cost
  • To achieve befits
  • To fulfil the customer requirement
  • To build a strong customer satisfaction
  • To enhance customer base


Unique selling point of six sigma :

It is business driven strategy equipped with the power fool tool kit

The business strategy can revolve around the following:

  • Higher profitability
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Building confidence in customer as breakthrough strategy
  • Demonstrating leadership in organization
  • Building the brand what customer recognizes
  • Paving path to become world class.

Unique selling points of Lean six sigma:

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What is uniqueness in Six Sigma? How important it’s


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