Top 5 changes in IATF sanctioned interpretations 2022

Top 5 changes in IATF sanctioned interpretations 2022

Welcome once again on quality wala Gyan your blog site. Today we bring one new topic which is very important for people who are working in Automotive industries.

On which we are going to discuss today is related to IATF requirements. As you know current version of IATF standard is IATF 16949 which was issued in 2016. IATF is globally standard so it is not possible to revise this standard every year that’s why iatf releases some sanctioned interpretations over specific period.Today article on top 5 changes in IATF sanctioned interpretations 2022

sanctioned interpretations are bring on current Automotive industries scenario and feedback of the auditors which are auditing worldwide. These sanctioned interpretations are release based on this collected feedback so that these requirements can be address to the automatic industry.

It’s very important to keep the things live and update in IATF standard that’s why IATF release sanctioned interpretations and frequently ask questions.These sections interpretations are released so that the people can understand them and implement in their organisations.

These sanctioned interpretations are audit tables because these are released by IATF.

It’s very important to keep update about sanctioned interpretations released by iitf and implementations of these sanctioned interpretations in your existing quality management systems.

In this article we are going to discuss about the sanctioned interpretations released by iatf in May 2022.

We will discuss these all sanctioned interpretations in three main sections

First section will be

reference clause: in this we will discuss about the clause in which the sanctioned interpretations it’s released.

Section 2

In this section we will discuss what is the change in current existing standard requirement.

Section 3

In this section we will discuss why this change make in existing iitf standard requirements.


Reference clause :Terms and definitions for the automotive industry:

What is change

customer specific requirements: change related to customer specific requirement. In this section change is done related to customer specific requirement. In this change IATF focus on the power of vehicle manufacture that he having the right to decide requirement for his suppliers. In this section requirement added related to vehicle manufacturer for widening the area and application and requirements.

Why this change :

Because vehicle manufacture is finally assemble the parts at their end so he should define and certify the requirement for his suppliers.


Reference clause.: Product safety

What is change

  • In this interpretation requirement updated related to product safety that the approvals required for product safety requirement clearly define. This change focuses on the product safety ready requirement and various approval systems within organisations for safety related requirement. Very important to decide the various approvals system in organisation related to product safety.

why this change :

its edit this requirement because there is some confusion industry related to approval of processes for safety related requirements which is observed based on auditing practices that’s why IATF clearly specify emphasize on the approval of processes related to product safety requirement clear the confusion about approval process for safety related requirement.


Ref. Clause Contingency plans

What is change

You know in today world the technology is improving day by day and it takes place over the all conventional things which are used in industries. Software is using in process as well as many other applications of industries and all these things are connected with Internet either it internal or external so due to this connectivity in two days one crime with his known as cyber crime is in its boom face you can hear the news related to cyber crime which are happening in around you in news so in the similar way the automatic industry is also impacted by cyber attack. Stop poem worldwide attack by cyber crime. That’s why considered this requirement as contingency so it means company have to prepare himself for cyber attack.and as you know due to currency scenario due to pandemic  so many is related to competent manpowers in organisation because peoples are more to their local areas which is away from the industries in that case organisations hiring new person which are not competent in a so that day can produce the same for you product.

Team this competency level in organisation  IATF focus on educational training of employees as contingency.

why this change :

bring focus on cyber-attack and to manage effective knowledge level of employee in covid scenario.


Ref.: 7.2.3 Internal auditor competency

What is change

Minimum word added in competency to maintain a minimum level of competency of auditors in process, product as well system and to maintain training records in case training provided by organization

In this change is related to defined the competency of internal auditors such that system auditors, process auditors, product auditors .In this change IATF add additional word which is minimum level of competency of auditors in process, product as well system and to maintain training records in case training provided by organization.

why this change :

In this change IATF distinguished that organization have to define minimum competency criteria for the Process, product and system auditors which are in organization. After achieve this minimum criteria they can only conduct audit.


Ref.clause: Quality management system documentation

What is change

In this change IATF introduced some list of document which can be used to demonstrate the document structure of QMS in organization. This list of document include such that matrix for example, a table, a list, or a matrix). So that auditee can show any of document to present the QMS structure in the organization , it is not limited to matrix only.

why this change :

earlier it was confusion among auditee and auditor about that matrix is mandatory to show the structure of QMS in organization but some auditee don’t have this they have some other methodology which his ok but due to some issues that is not considered as compliance. So avoid this limitation IATF added some more example of documents with which organization can represent their QMS structure for example, a table, a list, or a matrix) and also clarify that matrix not mandatory


Ref. Clause Special characteristics

What is change

Special characteristics is defined classification of a product characteristic or manufacturing process parameter that can affect safety or compliance with regulations, fit, function, performance, requirements, or subsequent processing of product.

In this update IATF clarify the name of documents which hare required ot consider for capturing of list of special characteristics. These document include such that product and/or manufacturing document, Process risk analysis (pfmea) etc. it means when even there is change or update in special characteristics related items all documents need to update accordingly to align the system.

why this change :

earlier it was confusion among auditee and auditor about that which are key document that have to cascaded the special characteristics so to clarify this confusion IATF specifically mention the document references that must consider for cascading of special characteristics in the organization.


Reference clause.: Type and extent of control – supplemental

What is change

This is the change related to control the pass through characteristics or component. Pass through characteristics /component are those items on which organization is not focusing so much because the supplier who supply these items already achieved the saturation level means supplier having effective control over process variation which cause the part produced by the process are in defined specification. So the customer is not focusing on these items so much, they just do inspection randomly with reduced level of sampling. In this change IATF wants to bring focus on these components of characteristics which comes under pass through criteria Focus on control implementation to manage pass through characteristics or components

why this change :

As the customer is not focusing on the pass through characteristics / components which cause sometimes defective component flow out to the system which leads to failure of final component .That’s why IATF focus on to define and clarify of roles and responsibility about pass through characteristics or components so that at the time of any failure it can be track and control effectively.





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